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Friday, April 29, 2011

Star Forge: Hold your base... forever.

Playing through Star Forge, the newest game from Hero Interactive. On Hard difficulty. (I don't typically go for easy difficulty unless I plan to rush through the game quickly.)

Essentially it's a unique form of real-time base defense where your forge is either constantly producing turrets or turret upgrades. Once the 'forge' produces a turret / powerup you drag and drop on the spot where you want it to be built, or drag a powerup on a turret to upgrade it (max 6 upgrades per turret).

I managed to complete the game in one sitting, and learned that a formation of a turret with (3-armor / 1-amplify / 1-range / 1 shock) surrounded by 2 towers with 4-armor / 1-range / 1-explosive worked quite well the entire game.


  • Powerups are introduced in this order: Armor, Explosive, Heal, Range (must have), Amplify, Slow, Recycle, Bomb (destroy one non-capital ship onscreen), Shock, Anti-Capital.
  • Save some upgrade slots for later when new powerups are introduced.
  • Range is a must-have when it's available.
  • When building a turret late-game put all of its upgrades on at one time, or it might get destroyed while trying to build it up.
  • Keep building heals otherwise. Do that and you can survive the last wave with around 12 fully upgraded towers or so.