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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ninety-Degree Dreams

Vertical Flip of the Zuma's Revenge Board Shark Den (link to tips from the older board), with 90 degree turns and curves of forty-five degrees. (As well as modern point gaining strategies.)

To be honest, I'm starting to run out of creative titles for my blog posts (I have produced around 200 posts in the blog's 20 month lifespan).

Meanwhile I've also managed to find a tour of SF in a marble run, this might help me out in exploring SF when I visit my friends over there in the summer. (maybe not, but the toothpick structure looks very nice.)

Addendum: Leaderboard is pretty high on the board. From various sources, 3.63M is required to get top 5, 3.46 million for top 10, 2.8 million for top 25, and 1.6 million for top 50.


  • The new tiki talk video introduces the double tap. Similar to the rule in Zombieland, one will open a gap. One more, and you'll be 100% sure to get a gap shot with max score. This board requires some triple tapping.
  • The bottom right fruit is almost always accessible due to the design; you don't need to work your way through a row of balls to grab it.
  • If you're having trouble double tapping the left-right sides (balls alternate directions and move quite fast), go for top/bottom gaps, where the gap shots / balls are more controllable.