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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Egg Board

This week is Easter, and that means I'll be hiding some more eggs this week...

This will probably be a tl;dr intro, but if you want some board tips (which is hardly any) skip past the bar. Otherwise if you want to hear random stuff, keep reading.

  • The board looks like the egg's made of chocolate, just pointing that out.
  • There's two weeks left of school to go for me. And then summer school comes directly afterwards...
  • I managed to get 1st place... barely. But getting a gold after 6 weeks of not getting one is quite a feat.
  • After hearing J-Ann's Everytime We Touch and a few other songs (who she is considered one of the best singers back at my hs) I've always wondered how she would sound like if she did a cover of "Hey, Soul Sister" Fireflies by Owl City.*
  • The song title reminds me of Cascada's Everytime We Touch.
  • Spring 2011 in Artwork might become Summer 2011 in Artwork... lol.
  • I've decided to open up my twitter again. It's up there on the top left in the nav pane. (Note: It's not available to the open public until I clean things up a bit, but if you request a follow I'll accept it.)
  • The most points that I have gotten on this board is 3,689,430, with a video replay (need xvid codec to play). It has since been improved in 2012 topping over 6 million.

TIP: This is not a good board for curve clears / gapshots, as you will probably need sun frog at minimum to clear a curve. For the latter, you will need to not clear balls right away and wait a bit. You can only gap shot one side effectively.