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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zuma Blitz Playthrough: 4.7 Million

Playthrough @ Level 80 with Chrono Balls + Multiplier. Total score: 4,727,790. Treasure Chest obtained with 8 Idol win.

Three months ago, I did a 1200k run. One month ago, a 2 million run was done. Today, this one.

1:52 extra time
Speed: 423,140
Special: 381,130 (331,200 Hot Frog, 49,930 from Crit Hits)
Chain: 70,200 (max chain: 16)
Combo: 315,000 (max combo: 4) 
Fruit 734,000 (collected 8 fruit)
Gap Shots: 2,435,160 (done 65 times)

I got very lucky on this game. One for getting enough time balls for a high score, and another for the game not freezing on an 8 idol win.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, congratulations, I wish I had your speed

Anonymous said...

Well done!

I love this game. I stumbled across your website and now I read often to find tips on how to improve my current high score (a mighty 480,220 haha!).

I love your videos and can't believe how fast you are!

Great site :)

from Pea x

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me how you make a video of your game? I would really love to know, thank you!

Brendan Chan said...

Tutorial posted at

Yes, I am fast but not very efficient in terms of gap shots (the gaps were a bit wide) and could be improved a bit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your reply and help!

From Pea x

Anonymous said...

Being color blind, it's hard for me to follow what you're doing. You're so fast that it would probably be difficult to follow you in color blind mode!