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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Break

It's finally here for me. In addition to a few projects to finish up, I've completed a lot of goals since the last update: (It's been a long time since I've done a post regarding Day Zero Project goals. Those pages will be updated soon)

Classic Day Zero Project

  • 26. Fully play out a game of Civilization IV. (Completed)
  • 48. Create a distinct HDR image using an SLR Camera. (Completed)
  • 49. Learn PHP
  • 56. Watch all the episodes of South Park [update: 9 seasons completed]

Day 1001 Project

  • 6. Acqure a ooVoo / Skype account OR successfully get into a video conference. (Completed by suggestion by friend)
  • 15. Reach 400 total friends on any site that counts friends. (Increased by 50)
  • 46. Create a Vector Art picture or diagram. (Completed, not the best imo)
  • 78. Watch a movie in the Pacific Theatre (Completed - Watched Iron Man 2)
  • 80. Get a HDTV (Completed. Watching shows in HD never looked better.)
  • 83. Successfully host an event. (does LNL count as one? I think so.)
  • 96. Reach max level in two FB games and then quit playing them. (Completed - Pirate Clan stopped after reaching a set level of 1000, and Social City after reaching lvl 44, last unlock).
  • 100. Ask 50 Formspring Questions. (up to 25) It's unfortunate that all of my friends (and most who are friends of friends) have stopped using it. I managed to get my # of questions asked to 25 though, which the 25th one was marked with a smile. Time to search elsewhere...