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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spiral Orbits

This week's board is called Orbits, which some people have said is just as hard as last week to gain a lot of points, despite the fact the devs are expecting some higher scores.

I've gotten 3.2 million so far, but I ran out of mojo and need to refill. I do know that 4+ million is possible on this board though (maybe 5m). Thankfully I've got an entire week to do this. (Also, thought of a powerup idea in mind that might solve mojo problems for high level people and take the place of a daily bonus)

TIP: You might want to wait a bit if you're going for mass gapshots. To save some mojo, epic fruit may be removed as a powerup.

Tip 2: Towards the end of the week, they added new potions, and raised the multiplier for mojo gains to 3x. They did double the idol price of 24-hr potions, so make them count. (Use this if you are a slow player and can play more than 40 games in that day.)


Anonymous said...

2.2 million is my highest so far and that is with the Timelord, Multi-Multiplier, and Epic Fruit. It seems I either get good fruit scores or good gap scores but can't get them together so far!