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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mouth of Madness, Revisited

When you're level 80, you can top 1200k easily. Why 1200k? Because my vid a bit over 3 months ago got 1200k in a game, and that was considered high at the time.

Because I don't like playing repeat boards, and April Fool's is coming up, I'd like to have a bit of fun and give people a small challenge. Given that most players can get somewhere between 1m and 2m at lvl 80, and they wanted to figure out how to get those very high scores, I present the following:

NOTE: The following challenge involves cheating (use of speed hacks) to attain the highest theoretical score possible in a game (which can be reproduced in a normal ZB replay).

If you do proceed, I strongly recommend you do NOT save your scores (quit the game immediately after it says 'Zuma' at the end). This challenge is designed to discover the best ways to get high scores for a given board, not to get all the way to the top of the leaderboard.

Challenge: Find a way to get at least 10 5 million points on this board using any means necessary. (3 million for people for lvl 65 and below) You may slow down the game to help complete this challenge. If you do complete it, comment on this post with a link to the video.

Note on Game Slowdown: A separate program is used to do this; there is a link on one of the comments if you want it. Take note: You might have the reflexes of a pro player but you really need a strategy to complete this challenge. (TIP: you will need to set up double gaps on this board.)


Anonymous said...

how do you slow down the game?

Anonymous said...

To slow down the game, get a program such as Cheat Engine, select the browser you're using to play zuma blitz as the process (plugin-container.exe for firefox), enable speed hack, and set the speed to 0.5.

Anonymous said...

that's tantamount to blatant cheating

Brendan Chan said...

lol I know it's technically cheating, but even with that, can you get 5m or even 10m in a single game?

Just to let you know, I quit right before the score gets submitted, and you can't record with sound if you speedhack since the sound will be messed up if you attempt to play it back at regular speed.

If you watch a recorded game with sound, you can tell if they're cheating or not. (My vids on this blog have sound and those scores were attained without cheating)