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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life's a Beach

Following the return from DCON 2011 the last weekend, a new board shows up. Feeling tired and worn from the long trip back home, I needed a break, but couldn't really get one.

I also realize that LSSP was going to be announced, which is the Large Scale Service Project in Virginia, where you're in a hotel and it's on a beach. Just wanted to point that out. Anyways...

TIP: Double gap on 6x/7x multiplier, Normal gap shots before that. The lower curve will roll slightly faster than usual due to its longer path; fruit is harder to get as a result. Consequently treasure chests appear a lot more often (around 1 every 8 games).

Getting double gaps on this board is tricky. For some tips on doing that on this board, see Sliding Gap Rule.

NOTE: Initially when you start the game after midnight today you start with a black screen. Using a debugger shows that the game didn't load a playable map, hence the black screen (and you can't use the reset button to quit either). Early April Fool's, perhaps? (Don't worry, I still have my joke to put over here later on this week.)

EDIT: Several users reported that the game DOES work in Safari. They did load another map b/c of this problem, but it's not the one in the Tiki Talk.

EDIT 2: This map is playable as of Apr 5, 2011.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had great success with all your projects!!!!! Thank you again for your advise, my problem......SPEED, I am an old lady and of course I blame age for that, although after I read your post I had 570,000 without powers.