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Sunday, March 27, 2011

DCON 2011

This is DCON 2011 (Cal-Nev-Ha DCON in Burbank). In three words: Informative, Fun, and Unforgettable. Featuring various workshops, performances, and lots of spirit.

Though it was fun, our team of eight people could not do much spirit wise, and my original thoughts about DCON were proven wrong here. I need to be back for another year to fully enjoy this.

Which is why I have decided to go for (the newly created) Tech Chair. And being the district committee sounds nice... I might go for that one.

This was our group of eight that represented our Circle K Club.

Full Album on Facebook (privacy set to 'everyone' and anyone can comment for up to two weeks after the event so that people in at DCON who don't have any mutual friends with me can see the entire album / comment.)

NOTE: If you know anyone in any of my pictures, feel free to tag them.