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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Above and Below

Board Name: Above and Below
Date Board was Introduced: March 7 - March 14, 2011
Blog Author's Highest Score: 5,090,270 (Lvl 80)*
Highest Recorded Score: 6,291,190 by Liang Hsu (Lvl 80)

Above and Below. When I saw the name of the board I originally thought they might put a bit of 3d perception effect into it.

Anyhow, circled areas indicate fruit locations. They are slightly harder to get to than the snakes board a couple of weeks ago, so you might want to not use the Epic Fruit powerup unless you're good at getting them while going on gap shots.

TIP: Sorry, no board specific tip here, but a few points to make:

  • As you approach the two minute mark the balls will be at twice the initial speed so you'll need to lead your shots (one or two balls ahead down the track from where your intend to hit).
  • If you have to wait at least 2 seconds to wait for a ball to move to just the right place for gap shots (or anything else) you should use that other ball and make other matches / openings while you're waiting.
  • If you want the highest scores, you need to rely a lot on luck that enough time balls will appear in order to get a high score. I have noticed that the highest scores I've seen was because they got 1:44-2:00 in extra time, and during the last four weeks of game playing, I have never gotten that much extra time. (I have now. On the very next video post.)

On a personal note, I find the competition harder - need at least 4 million on this one to even get a medal at all.