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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zuma Blitz Playthrough: 2 Million

Playthrough @ Level 33 with Chrono Ball Boost. Total score: 2,084,510.

Previously a 2 Million score at level 60 was published, however a newer version was submitted with the same board as the video in the link to be fair. I believe that this shows the true meaning of mastering the double gap challenge.

After seeing someone get 2 Million in one game I decided to accept the challenge and try for a 2 million score game.

(40 games later) Do I get a bonus for doing that at lvl 60? (One mastery level later) How about Level 33? You know, before you get that multiplier powerup.

Question of the day: What level were you at when you first got 2+ million in Zuma Blitz?


Anonymous said...

something around 60 like You. In this week first time I crossed through 4million :)

Anonymous said...

I just broke 2 million today (with 2.2) on level 51. :D