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Monday, February 14, 2011

That One Gap Shot Board

After having a tough time on the valentine's theme board (and almost getting 3 million... on level 70*) I attempt for higher scores on a new unique board that they displayed.

This board is choke-full of gap shot opportunities, though there are mixed reviews on this board*. Perhaps I should've moved my double gap challenge to this board, where you actually have a good chance of doing it. The games site promoted my post on that, if you were wondering.

TIP: Go for gap shots. triple gapshots are actually possible for the first time, and they're starting to throw in a few unique boards as well. Curve clears are also a viable option; due to the nature of the board, hot frog is a viable strategy as you can repeatedly curve clear a side (note the balls have to go pass the first curve after it's cleared before you can clear it again).

Also, it might be just me, but yellow balls tend to blend in with the ball path if you aren't looking directly at them...

Recommended Powerups: Epic Fruit, Tempus Fugit / Timelord, Multiplier. You may swap Epic Fruit with Sun Frog if you want curve clears.


Anonymous said...

what powers to use on this board