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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Zuma Blitz Board Flipped

Playthrough @ Level 52 with Chrono Balls + Sun Frog + Tiki Bombs boosts. 5 Hot Frogs / 8 Curve Clears. Total score: 1,222,380

Well it looks like I've seen this board before... but it's flipped and has a new background. I don't want to do a video demo in the same way as I did last time (gapshot), so I decided to try a red frog / curve clear method combined with sheer speed.

TIP: Using hot frog a lot is a viable option here. Due to the size of the playing field, three well-placed explosions should wipe out an entire curve (and maybe both curves with a fully upgraded Inferno Frog).

See this playthrough for an idea of how to get a high score on this board using gapshot methods.