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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Third Round of Questions

These are questions that have been moved from the level up table because the discussion there became too long. As well as providing a explanation to common problems that people search for.

Sometimes when you click the out of life you get to flip the coin. Any idea how often the coin flip comes up or have you figured out a pattern?

It should be 50/50 according to many users however I have not done enough to tell. It can only be done once a day, however. (Note that when you flip the coin, if it's the first time you hit a skull (no revive) your first life restore is free* but is 15 idols afterward.

how/where do i use idols to buy treasure or powers early?

A bit ambiguous on the treasure part.

Powers: Go to powers and click on the power you want to unlock.
Treasure (slots): Hit a treasure chest and at the end of the game while it's still spinning, click on one of the locked slots to unlock.
Treasure (mojo): Click on Store and buy some there.

NOTE: They will still be unlocked the next time you go through mastery.

Questions related to slow leveling?

The XP bar on the top right is an approximate percent, not an exact one. The approximate number of games to play to advance one level is a bit more to your current level. (ex. I'm at level 70, it takes around 80 games to level up. every 4 of 5 games I play it goes up by 1 percent.)

To determine how much percent XP you earn in one game, take your current level, multiply by 4, and divide your XP earned by that number. Round up / down to see what XP you get. From the above example, 350/280 = 1.25, so you will earn either 1 or 2 %.

What do the spirit animals do for you if anything, as you upgrade them?

They're just trophies, like star medals from bejeweled blitz. They are sharable for 2,500 mojo however.

what are the locks in the shop?

Placeholders. They're probably more special abilities in the shop that might be in a future release of the game.

Added by BlueViper02: There is nothing behind the locks :) That's just generic coding. The shop is controlled via an xml file, so they can add/remove/rearrange items without coding. Not saying they won't add something, though I can't think of what it could be.

Don't want name on right side?

Also known as the game bar, where it tells you who is playing which game. If you hover over the post saying that you're playing a certain game, a small 'x' will pop up on the right hand side. a small window will pop up left to it, with a square on the top-right of that window when you hover over it. You can choose to remove the post or not show anyone that you're playing the app.

Full Screen?

Possible, but NOT recommended until they optimize it, since you will experience severe lag on almost any pre-built consumer PC. If you still wish to do so though, you can (at least on firefox and the latest version of IE) zoom in until you notice part of the game is missing. Please not that the quality of visuals (except text) will not improve.

Slow Game?

It's probably more computer-spec than browser problem. It's GPU and CPU consuming, so anything less than a 2-core processor (under 2 Ghz) will very likely receive lag. As well as any integrated video card.

Locked Items in Shop

There's nothing behind those locks (for 9+ months), would you prefer them to be blank spaces instead?

10000 spirit animals?

What appears at the end of the game when you get a high score and it falls into an score bracket which you have a gold animal (ex getting 2+ million with a gold Quetzalcoatl). The value actually is 1000000 (one million) not 10,000 so don't expect to pass it.

Best Powers?

Multiplier / Time balls are a must. The third is depending on what you aim for: Epic Fruit (if fruit is easy to reach), Hot Frog (If curves can be cleared easily) or Warp Speed (If you find it hard to get double gaps). Personally I have tried games without a multiplier but it never seems to get high scores.

Level Up Cap Increase?

(in my opinion) Balance issues - the way the powers were introduced were specifically designed for a lvl-80 layout - by increasing it, you'd have to introduce powers or upgrades superior to lvl 70ish stuff, other powerups introduced might not be suitable on that lvl, etc.

But if we restructure the leveling up process (give upgrades at different levels) users will have no idea what powerups they have available - first they have timelord, now they don't. The only solution at that point is to either reset everyone's level to 1 and compensate levels gained with mojo/idols or introduce the 100 lvl cap on the next level of mastery.

Extra Permissions

Occurred in January 2012 with the merge to EA. It basically allows the game to publish new high scores / achievements onto the game ticker (which hasn't been implemented right now). You can't remove this permission but you can limit who sees these posts under App Settings.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help!!!!! I anxiously await every Tuesday for you to post your advise!