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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That One Zuma Blitz Board

Playthrough @ Level 44 with Chrono Balls + Multiplier Boosts. Total score: 1,206,880.

EDIT: Newer playthrough video uploaded with at least a 1 million score.

First Zuma Blitz board change of the year. (and a new tourney, but I find this insignificant since I don't have any competition anymore.)

IMO this is a ridiculously hard board. It's very difficult to get a million on this one. Getting lower scores than average with two of the best powerups makes me feel like a noob. (Don't worry, a lot of people are getting lower scores on average than usual.)

Tip: (as an extension to the tip given on the Zuma Blitz FB Page). In addition to the multiplier / extra time powerups, use bomb / ball clearing powerups for inexperienced gap shot players. For experienced players, however, the gap shot works quite well, although there's a different method for doing it on this board.

Let the balls reach the area where the orange zone is (picture below). Clear some balls in the green zone and then the orange zone, then rapid fire balls through the resulting gap for many gap / double gap shots (again matching balls in the green region to buy you more time before the gap closes). This is my key to success this week.


artdico said...

Okay, I thought it's a really easy one, as it's easy to shot fruit. But I have managed to get 800k at most, so I am lame :P.