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Monday, January 24, 2011

That One Iron Frog Board

Dr. Mojo said that there would be a few corners and two tracks... he didn't say however that this week's board was a modified Iron Frog board.

TIP: It's hard to get gap shots here without risking death, so unless you're very skilled, explosive powerups would be better off here to get curve clears. But after finding out the points gained from that is relative to how long you've been playing in the current game, and that balls move slightly faster with each curve clear, you might want to wait until the last 30 seconds or so before doing them.

If you do decide to do gap shots, let the inner ring fill up to around 3/4 of the track and try to make gap shots from there.

Overall, it's either you set them up correctly and get lucky with the ball order or you don't and get low scores.

Oh, and I don't have a vid to prove I got that many points, so here's a score breakdown instead. (Note the recently added 'more' tab which actually gives you an accurate score breakdown.)

Unrelated: At this point (lvl 56) I have gotten a gold Goat Sprit Animal.

(Sorry, no video this week due to the rising bandwidth caused by more people visiting than originally expected. May put a vid up once every other week.)


Richarius said...

Still feel like a noob at 520k highest on this. High speed shots; good accuracy. Mults/time 1st; gap shots rare. Could prolly do better if I could see the ball colours on the Frog's back quicker, but haven't been able to. Thanks for all of your tips! Been glued to them.
Lamenting ol' timer, I be. lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great site, but buggered if I can get more than 533k for this one(*no powers used). I've tried the gapshot game but just can't master it. I basically just go for fruit and speed bonuses (hotfrogs)
*I would use powers if I could get them to work... when I select the powers I want and then click 'close'.. Zuma crashes! bah.
Would be nice if you had a section on the site with no-power scores for me to compare.