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Monday, January 31, 2011

Playthrough: Hack Slash Crawl

I could do this all day. (and get more than 10+ million hs while at it, if I had more time.)

Hack Slash Crawl: A game that gets its name from Hack and Slash / Dungeon Crawl, and the game plays like Diablo II.

High Score? Werewolf + Figher for Strength / Stanima boosts. When leveling up go all Stanima and later on Strength. Spells are useful in early levels but are particularly useless later on, with the exception of Charm (can save you from death) and Crit Hit. *Charm actually converts enemies to your side for a few seconds, which means you can either run or fight fewer enemies.

Keep upgrading your equipment as you go along, and battle only one ice knight at a time (the only real thing that can kill you). Once you get over 100 ice resistance, there's no way to lose unless you try, so go for any score you feel like. (Note there isn't a shop in the game, but if there was one, the loot dropped at this point is probably a lot better than in the shop.)

Oh, and at around 50 or so levels down, you level up every 10 monsters killed. Have fun.