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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Questions Part 1

Questions I received regarding the tips section on Zuma Blitz:

What does the potion do? Also, there is a 'dog' that is on the refill screen, after you clear a level...what is that 'dog' for?

Potions - they double XP / Mojo. There's a timer on the bottom right if you have them active. The multiplier factors into your Mojo/XP earned on the final score screen.

Oh, and the dog? Similar to a star medal in Bejeweled blitz, this indicates the spirit animal earned associated with your score.

Have you figured out what the ZUMA in the upper center of the screen does? It randomly starts getting full. Also I don't know what to make of the blue bar on top of the frog.

ZUMA - similar to the progress bar in other Zuma games, it will light up 'Z','U','M', and 'A' at 45, 30, 15, and 0 seconds on the timer respectively.

Blue bar - determines how close you are to red frog mode, will fire faster the closer to red it gets. Will reset if matches aren't made fast enough (around 2 matches in 3 seconds?)

This is probably really stupid. But I can't seem to get the Last Hurrah or the Bombs to work when I play. How do I make them work?

After the end of the game (or on the title screen), click on the button labeled 'powers'. Click on a powerup to activate / deactivate it (send it to the top). If it's on the top, it's active the next game (given enough mojo to do this).


Ernest said...

Awesome - Thanks! Also, if you're going for Gap Shots, do you just work on one side till the other fills up? I'm not sure how to set it up properly. My highest score has been just over 500k but that was just by working fast and getting 2 Red Frogs - barely, if any gaps.

Brendan Chan said...

Will answer that on next post.