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Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Cartoons

A lot of people are changing their default pics today to cartoons.

The trend? "Change your profile picture to one of your favorite cartoon characters and ask your friends to do the same. The point of the game? To have no human faces on Facebook, only childhood memories by Monday to fight child abuse. Copy and paste to spread the word."

Why? No reason has been given; people just do it. In my opinion, though, by doing this, it's supposed to cause us to relive and remember our 'happy' childhood memories. Now consider those who have suffered. They don't want to be reminded of what their childhood was like. But... if we fight child abuse, at the very least we'll give them a chance... let them live a happy childhood life, watch cartoons like the rest of us did, and when they're our age, they have something to reminisce on.

Although a lot of people are doing it, I've decided to hold off on this one unless enough people convince me to. If this happens, hope my character choice is in good taste... no pun intended.

Fun Fact: My character in my (proposed) default pic is Chase from the anime Fighting Foodons. It's not my favorite cartoon, but it's the first (and probably the only) anime that I've watched fully (all episodes of the show) in the past and feel comfortable putting up. (Also, I play Café World on FB and am currently at level 119.)