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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fall 2010 In Pictures

After a entire semester of pictures and whatnot, the Fall 2010 in Pictures collage is complete.

There's been a lot of memories mainly from UOP and Circle K. After a quote from someone saying 'Just do it', I've realized I thought too much about it in the past, and I've instead decide to do it.

I've managed to finish up all my finals this week, so I'm going to enjoy my Winter break. Time to meet up with friends that I've promised to do back in summer.

Overall: 107 cells filled, 80 unique images, 3 are sketches, 30 people accounted for.

Fun Fact: Eejayy as represented as a whiteboard sketch that was drawn in approximately ~1 minute. Liked how the image turned out that it became the first drawing to be placed on the grid.