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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse, Start of Winter, New Board

Today: Lunar Eclipse, start of Winter, new Zuma board (with a winter theme).

Makes it easy to do those gap shots, over... and over again. In the end I got over 1.4 million and didn't reach the level to unlock the spirit animal associated with that score so all I got was this angry face.


Anonymous said...

how do you use the speed shot after you select it

Brendan Chan said...

Speed shot: It's a passive ability, and while you have it active you can fire more balls in a shorter period of time.

Anonymous said...


Duncan Watson said...

I have been reading your posts and your advice on Zuma Blitz has helped me. I concentrate more on gap shots, and though I don't have your skill I have managed some scores of 915k or so. Until I changed my style my high score was in the 800k range and more focused on pure carnage. And my old high scores were more lucky gap shots anyway.
Thanks for the advice.