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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year 2010: Looking Back

Fun Fact: Two images were used in this post, and contains some achievements I wouldn't mind sharing. Happy new year, everyone! And a new post will come in on the first day of new year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Learning to Fly

Learning to fly... a remote control helicopter.

They seem to be getting to be popular this year. At least the hover ability on more expensive ones really help.

Small Note: RC Helicopters (at least the ones sold from Brookstone) have a high failure rate (by failure meaning you can't fix it up using the built in repair kit), though your mileage may vary. Four out of seven people in line were returning helicopters.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Meanwhile On Christmas Eve

So... what did you do on Christmas Eve?

I had a particularly long day and some new experiences, including: Seeing an airport up close for the first time, flying a remote controlled helicoptor, and playing Halo 3 ODST (and losing badly since I wasn't accustomed to the controller scheme). Getting only three hours of sleep got me tired early, but at least it was fun.

I will take a short Christmas break, and not update anything on this blog for this day (25th) (and maybe tomorrow). Happy holidays, everyone.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse, Start of Winter, New Board

Today: Lunar Eclipse, start of Winter, new Zuma board (with a winter theme).

Makes it easy to do those gap shots, over... and over again. In the end I got over 1.4 million and didn't reach the level to unlock the spirit animal associated with that score so all I got was this angry face.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Zuma Blitz Playthrough: 1200k

Playthrough @ Level 34 with Chrono Balls + Multiplier Boosts. Total score: 1,215,330.

(May re-upload this to youtube if there's enough popularity for this vid)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gapshots FTW: Questions Part 2

Doing the triple quad gap.

So many questions to answer...

What do the spirit animals do for you if anything, as you upgrade them?

They currently don't do anything (other than producing humorous messages at higher levels when you reach them), but if it does, I'll put it up here. Example: Jackal Chief rank reads "The jackal is the cleverest of beasts, but don't ask him to install your printer."

Also, if you're going for Gap Shots, do you just work on one side till the other fills up? I'm not sure how to set it up properly. My highest score has been just over 500k but that was just by working fast and getting 2 Red Frogs - barely, if any gaps.

Good question. One column works best, as explained below. As for setting up gap shots, there are several ways to do it:

  • capping and creating a hole. (see image) Instead of matching the last one at the end, put a different color, which allows you to prepare for a gap shot on the next ball.
  • Using explosives to create a hole. This can be a bit difficult, since the explosion radius is 4-5 balls in length, and any gap shots scored at this point would be quite low due to the size of the gap.
  • Rapid fire (2) - Firing two (or more shots) at a time, one to create a gap and the second to create the match past the gap. You can get at least one if you don't aim bad. You can get even more if you're lucky.
  • 'Near a curve' shot: with a long chain, instead of aiming towards the one closest to you, aim for the one further back.

Going gap shots on both sides can give you more opportunities to make a gap shot, but it's risky as you'll probably end up with times where you're waiting a while in order to get that gap shot, losing out on potential points / powerups. It's best to leave it to one column as while you're waiting for that gap shot with that one ball, you can still get points on the other side using the other ball on hand. (Though getting to red frog once before doing this is recommended as it allows you to build up multipliers first which make these shots all the more valuable.)

Above: (using a red line as a guide) Green and red... could make a match on green... but seeing a possible gapshot, fire red at the end. Blue's next... seeing a possible gap shot, fire green and then blue in quick succession. The green ball clears the way for the blue ball, creating a gapshot (+10k points). Wait any longer and the blue ball would stick.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Questions Part 1

Questions I received regarding the tips section on Zuma Blitz:

What does the potion do? Also, there is a 'dog' that is on the refill screen, after you clear a level...what is that 'dog' for?

Potions - they double XP / Mojo. There's a timer on the bottom right if you have them active. The multiplier factors into your Mojo/XP earned on the final score screen.

Oh, and the dog? Similar to a star medal in Bejeweled blitz, this indicates the spirit animal earned associated with your score.

Have you figured out what the ZUMA in the upper center of the screen does? It randomly starts getting full. Also I don't know what to make of the blue bar on top of the frog.

ZUMA - similar to the progress bar in other Zuma games, it will light up 'Z','U','M', and 'A' at 45, 30, 15, and 0 seconds on the timer respectively.

Blue bar - determines how close you are to red frog mode, will fire faster the closer to red it gets. Will reset if matches aren't made fast enough (around 2 matches in 3 seconds?)

This is probably really stupid. But I can't seem to get the Last Hurrah or the Bombs to work when I play. How do I make them work?

After the end of the game (or on the title screen), click on the button labeled 'powers'. Click on a powerup to activate / deactivate it (send it to the top). If it's on the top, it's active the next game (given enough mojo to do this).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Zuma Blitz Level Up Table (Kroakatoa)

Note: This level up table covers Zuma Blitz Kroakatoa Island. The table for Classic Zuma Blitz can be found here.

When you level up, you'll be glad you got a fresh supply of coins. With the XP potion active, 17 more games until more coins arrive.

Summary - XP:

  • XP is gained at the end of each game, as long as you don't abort the game.
  • You will get a minimum of 100 XP per game. This is halved if you died.
  • Score and balls cleared do not raise your XP. Only curve clears, hot frogs, fruit and gap shots as well as time played will raise your XP at the end of the game.
    • +1 XP per fruit collected in-game.
    • +1 XP each time you get hot frog.
    • +1 XP for each curve clear.
    • +1 XP for the first gap shot and every four gap shots after that
    • Around 1 XP per five seconds after a minute in one game.
  • Most players typically get between 110-150 XP a game.
  • XP requirement to level up considerably reduced. (compared to the old island at the same level)

Summary - Upgrades:

  • Kroakatoa uses Stars for levels, with a new rank each 10 levels.
  • Coins are not given after each game, only when leveling up.
  • Levels only unlocks major game features (food, daily spin, monuments) and powers.
  • No minor frog upgrades like on the old island (crit hit, fruit increase, golden frog, etc.)
  • Any powers you had on the previous island will transfer with you, but your level will not. (If you were previously level 80 before transferring, you will most likely be leveling up only for the purpose of getting coins, since there's really nothing major that gets unlocked after lvl 10.)

Feel free to comment if a patch changes one of the effects mentioned here.

Level Up Table

Last Update: 10.29.12 (Added warning that using Speed Shot powers can produce a score not ending in zero)

Brief Summary of Coin Bonuses:

When you get a star (level up), you will get coins based on your current rank. You will also get a one-time bonus when you receive a promotion. Coins earned per game on average based on 110 xp earned a game. XP required to next level assumes it increases without any upper bound. (To compare, the max mojo you can get per game without using potions is 1125 at lvl 49.)

Note: Even if you don't see the level up screen (above) when you get a new star, you will still get your coins.

There are 40 ranks in the game, with the max level capped at 400*; after that point, the only way to obtain coins without having to buy more is through Zuma spins and through friends' posts.

(Avg user level: 59, based on rank survey)

Stars Rank Name Coins Gained Bonus Avg Coins/Game XP to this
1 Newbie Newt 0 0 0 0
5 Able Amphibian 4,000 0 1333 880
8 Bouncy Frog 4,000 0 421 1,870
10 Cheerful Croaker 8,000 20,000 843.6 3,980
20 Dapper Dartfrog 12,000 24,000 774.2 17,020
30 Energetic Toad 18,000 36,000 878.05 37,480
40 Fearless Frog 25,000 50,000 980.4 64,540
50 Graceful Leaper 35,000 70,000 1147.54 98,200
60 Harlequin Hopper 45,000 90,000 1267.60 138,460
70 Invincible Frog 55,000 110,000 1358.79 185,320
80 Jovial Jumper 65,000 130,000 1428.57 238,780
90 Kissable Toad 75,000 150,000 1485.15 298,840
100 Lucky Leapfrog 85,000 170,000 1531.53 365,500
110 Mahvelous Frog 100,000 200,000 1652.89 438,760
120 Nonstop Darter 125,000 250,000 1908.4 518,620
130 Optimal Toad ~150,000 ~300,000 2127.66 605,080
140 Plucky Jumper 200,000 400,000 2649 698,140
150 Questing Frog 225,000 ~400,000 2743.27 797,800
160 Rare Amphibian 250,000 ~400,000 2826.5 904,060
170 Salty Croaker 275,000 ~400,000 2900.55 1,016,920
180 Talented Toad 300,000 400,000 2966.84 1,136,380
190 Unbeatable Hopper 325,000 ~400,000 3026.53 1,262,440
200 Vivacious Frog 350,000 400,000 3080.57 1,395,100
210 Wide Eyed Leaper 350,000 400,000 2941.18 1,534,360
220 Xtreme Toad 350,000 400,000 2813.85 1,680,220
230 Yo Mama Croaker 350,000 400,000 2697.1 1,832,680
240 Amazing Amphibian 350,000 400,000 2589.64 1,991,740
250 Bustling Frog 350,000 400,000 2490.42 2,157,400
260 Classy Croaker 350,000 400,000 2398.52 2,329,660
270 Dashing Dartfrog 350,000 400,000 2313.17 2,508,520
280 Ethreal Toad 350,000 400,000 2233.67 2,693,980
290 Fantastic Frog 350,000 400,000 2159.47 2,886,040
300 Gifted Leaper 350,000 400,000 --- 3,084,700
310 Heavenly Hopper 350,000 400,000 ---
320 Imminent Toad 350,000 400,000 ---
330 Jolly Jumper 350,000 400,000 ---
340 Kinetic Frog 350,000 400,000 ---
350 Lyrical Leaper 350,000 400,000 ---
360 Majestic Toad 350,000 400,000 ---
370 Ninja Darter 350,000 400,000 ---
380 Outrageous Frog 350,000 400,000 ---
390 Piquant Jumper 350,000 400,000 ---
400 Quicksilver Croaker 350,000 400,000 ---

Full Table

You can gain a cumulative total of around 32.7 million coins by the time you reach level 200 from leveling up alone. This is substantially higher than the total mojo collected from level up bonuses and games through three entire levels of mastery in the old Zuma Blitz without using powers or potions. (However, you're paying almost twice as much as usual for powers/food...)

I would side with the tons of people who concluded after a few days of play that the new island is ripping them off because they're apparently getting less coins overall, but I can't find sufficient evidence to back this up.

Stars Rank Name Coins Gained Unlocks Notes
1 Newt Recruit 0 6 Life Containers
10:00 regen timer
Multiplier balls
- Given when first starting the game or for those who didn't install the app
- Lifes are giftable to friends
4 Able Amphibian 4000 Bombs I
Cost: 1000
- explodes and removes surrounding balls when matched.
5 Able Amphibian 4000 ? - Starting level for most players who transferred.
6 Able Amphibian 4000 Wild Shot I
Cost: 1500
- Wild Shot occurs every 15 balls
- Matches any ball it touches, including single balls.
- If you don't hit a ball dead on, the game will choose the nearest ball cluster that scores the most points, priority given to powerups
7 Able Amphibian 4000
8 Bouncy Frog 4000 Food Items - You will get 5x Hasty Pudding for free
9 Bouncy Frog 4000 Daily Spin - Free spin once a day, additional bonus for spinning consecutive days
- Payout ranges from 500 to up to 1 million coins
10 Cheerful Croaker 28000 Monuments
Cost: 2000
- Monuments have a chance of popping up prior to starting a game.
11 Cheerful Croaker 8000
12 Cheerful Croaker 8000
13 Cheerful Croaker 8000 Speed Shot I - Increases shot speed by 10%
- Increases speed bonus by up to 80% (WARNING: Using this power may cause your score not to end in zero)
14 Cheerful Croaker 8000
15 Cheerful Croaker 8000 Zuma Spin - 2.5% chance of a spinner appearing in place of a fruit (max 2 in one game)
- When collected, adds another daily spin (access on top-right after the game)
- Payouts are limited to right hand side (500-10k coins).
- You keep your spins even if you died before timer expires or aborted the game.
16 Cheerful Croaker 8000
17 Cheerful Croaker 8000 Color Nuke I
Cost: 3000
- Mark a ball using the laser to destroy all balls on the same color on that curve
- You can't hit fruit using the laser
- You can't discard a laser shot
- Missing won't break your chain
18 Cheerful Croaker 8000
19 Cheerful Croaker 8000
20 Dapper Dartfrog 36000
21 Dapper Dartfrog 12000
22 Dapper Dartfrog 12000
23 Dapper Dartfrog 12000 Fruit Master I
Cost: 1500
- Increases the frequency of fruit by 3 seconds (25%)
24 Dapper Dartfrog 12000
25 Dapper Dartfrog 12000
26 Dapper Dartfrog 12000
27 Dapper Dartfrog 12000 Doubler
Cost: 3000
- Start game with x2 multiplier
28 Dapper Dartfrog 12000
29 Dapper Dartfrog 12000
30 Energetic Toad 54000
31 Energetic Toad 18000
32 Energetic Toad 18000
33 Energetic Toad 18000 Inferno Frog I
Cost: 2000
- Adds one extra shot to Hot Frog (total of 4)
37 Energetic Toad 18000 Chain Blast I
Cost: 3000
- Explosion after 10 consecutive matches (and every 5 after)
43 Fearless Frog 25000 Sands of Time I
Cost: 2000
- Time balls add six seconds to the clock when matched
47 Fearless Frog 25000 Bombs II
Cost: 1500
- Upgrades Bombs I
- Increases frequency of bomb powerups
53 Graceful Leaper 35000 Speed Shot II
Cost: 1500
- Upgrades Speed Shot I
- Increases shot speed by 20%
- Increases speed bonus by up to 160% (WARNING: Using this power may cause your score not to end in zero)
57 Graceful Leaper 35000 Color Nuke II
Cost: 4000
- Upgrades Color Nuke I
- Increases frequency of Color Nukes
62 Harlequin Hopper 45000 Chain Blast II
Cost: 4000
- Upgrades Chain Blast I
- Explosion after 9 consecutive matches (and every 4 after)
65 Harlequin Hopper 45000 Cannon II
Cost: 3000
- Upgrades Cannon I
- Increases the frequency of cannon balls
66 Harlequin Hopper 45000 Sands of Time II
Cost: 3000
- Upgrades Sands of Time I
- Time balls add seven seconds to the clock when matched
68 Harlequin Hopper 45000 Wild Shot II
Cost: 2000
- Upgrades Wild Shot I
- Wild Shot occurs every 13 balls
72 Invincible Frog 55000 Fruit Master II
Cost: 2000
- Upgrades Fruit Master I
- Increases frequency of fruit by 5 seconds (50% normally)
78 Invincible Frog 55000 Inferno Frog II
Cost: 3000
- Upgrades Inferno Frog I
- Adds two extra shots to Hot Frog (total of 5)
82 Jovial Jumper 65000 Speed Shot III
Cost: 2000
- Upgrades Speed Shot II
- Increases shot speed by 50%
- Increases speed bonus by 200%
85 Jovial Jumper 65000 Fruit Master III
Cost: 3000
- Upgrades Fruit Master II
- Increases frequency of fruit by 7 seconds (100% normally)
88 Jovial Jumper 65000 Bombs III
Cost: 2000
- Upgrades Bombs II
- Increases explosion range of bomb powerups
92 Kissable Frog 75000 Wild Shot III
Cost: 3000
- Upgrades Wild Shot II
- Wild Shot occurs every 11 balls
95 Kissable Frog 75000 Cannon III
Cost: 4000
- Upgrades Cannon II
- Fires a four-way cannon blast when matched
98 Kissable Frog 75000 Chain Blast III
Cost: 5000
- Also upgrades Chain Blast II
- Increases Explosion radius of Chain Blast
102 Lucky Leapfrog 85000 Color Nuke III
Cost: 5000
- Upgrades Color Nuke II
- Color Nukes destroy balls of the same color on both curves
105 Lucky Leapfrog 85000 Sands of Time III
Cost: 5000
- Upgrades Sands of Time II
- Time balls add eight seconds to the clock when matched
108 Lucky Leapfrog 85000 Tripler
Cost: 4000
- Upgrades Doubler
- Start with x3 multiplier

Programs Used: Camtasia Studio and Hypercam to record gameplay. x264vfw codec was used for video compression for web playback. VirtualDub to analyze games on a frame-by-frame basis in order to get those figures (such as powerup frequency / points per explosion, etc).

Zuma Blitz on The Other Side
... Various Frogatars (expires Jan 1) - Flo Frog - Holiday Frog - Pink Frog - Frogatar - Frogatar
Various Items: 5x Chocolate Love - 5x Key Time Punch - 5x Christmas Cake
Note: All links are untested and might not work until announced on the FB page.
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Look over here to see if your question's been answered here before asking. Do not ask about freezing on idol wins / crit hits / levels past 80 as they have already been discussed on the official ZB discussion board forums. The comment board here is starting to get a bit long, so I may delete older comments if they're not relevant anymore.

Zuma Blitz Level Up Table (Classic)

This is the level up table for Classic Zuma Blitz (versions prior to the relaunch in September 2012). This page is for archival purposes only.

XP is gained at the end of the game, either whether you run out of time or die. The amount gained is proportional to the amount of balls cleared, not score (unlike bejeweled blitz). (show balls cleared to XP table)

XP is very important (for high scores). In Bejeweled Blitz, XP does absolutely nothing (other than informing you what level you are). However Zuma Blitz will get you something per level up. As you level, you have access to powerups and other perks that allow you to gain more points per game. Additionally, mojo and idol points are gained and health is fully refilled upon leveling up. (Powerups themselves can be bought for some money before the level you normally gain them on, but high level powerups and perks cannot be bought that way.)

Feel free to comment if a patch changes one of the effects mentioned here

Level Up Table

Last Update: 11.29.11 - Added Spirit Animal Monuments (bottom of table) and rebuilt the entire table to increase readability. New data allows more accurate measurements

Concise Table

    What I think are the most important upgrades. Number = Level number for upgrade.

  • Time: 30 » 66 » 77. Multiplier: 34 » 79
  • Fruit: 6 » 17 » 23 » 37 » 45 » 54 » 60 » 65 » 72 (power: 23 » 53 » 62)
  • Critical Hit Upgrades: 14 » 36 » 48 » 55 » 57 » 61 » 63 » 67 » 70 » 74
  • Mojo Upgrade: 20 » 29 » 40 » 49
  • Treasure: 8 » 12 (3000) » 32 (8000) » 52 (4i) » 68 (8i)
  • Hearts: 11 » 18 » 24 » 33
  • Regen: 13 » 22 » 26 » 31 » 35 » 39 » 43 » 47
  • Spirit Animals: 4 » 21 » 25 » 28 » 42 » 51 » 58 » 64 » 71 » 76 » 78

Full Table

As of October 15, 2011 assuming no bugs occur in the game (such as the 'epic fruit power has no effect' bug)

Level Rank Name Mojo Gained Effects Notes
1 Outcast 0 5 Life Containers
8:00 regen timer
Multiplier balls
- Given when first starting the game or for those who didn't install the app
- Multiplier balls appear on-screen for 20 seconds before disappearing (5-19 seconds between appearances, though they have been observed to be up to 29 seconds apart)
2 Whelp 0 Time Ball - +5 seconds when matched
- Matching a time ball after time is up results in a consolation bonus
- Time balls appear on-screen for 20 seconds before disappearing (8-13 seconds between appearances, but they appear less frequently the more of them you collect in a game)
3 Tribeling 0 Hot Frog - Shoots 3 explosive balls when the meter is full).
- Getting 20 matches with no more than a second between matches (doesn't necessarily have to be 20x chain) should do it.
4 Kudo Carver 500 Spirit Animals - Various spirit animals are gained up to 1 million points.
5 Temple Sweeper 3000 Temple
- Temple allows you to use powers
- Bombs explodes balls with a five ball radius* when they're matched. 500 mojo cost.
- 7-10 seconds between bomb powerups appearing
- Only three bomb powerups can be onscreen at any given time.
- You will now receive 3 idols for each level up onwards
6 Fruit Scout 4000 Fruit (squash) - Fruit appears on the game board when balls reach a certain point on the track, typically behind a row of balls.
- Base value 3,000 points, remains onscreen for 10 seconds.
- Takes on average 14.5s between the fruit disappearing (whether it's collected or not) and another one reappearing, provided balls are far enough on the curve for it to appear.
7 Time Keeper 9000 Last Hurrah - Explodes any powerups (as well as nearby balls) on the board and gives you points. 500 mojo
8 Treasure Keeper 4000 Treasure Chests - Chance that the first fruit in a game is a treasure chest.
- When hit, allows you to spin a wheel and gives you a chance of winning various amounts of Mojo.
- Initially 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 mojo are winnable.
- Must survive the timer to spin.
9 Spear Sharpener 6000 2nd Power Slot - Can use up to two powers at once
10 Hut Builder 1000 Speed Ball - Allows you to fire balls 10% faster*, 500 mojo
- Allows you to trade hearts for coconuts.
11 Heart Healer 5000 Extra Life Container - 6 Hearts available
12 Treasure Herder 1000 Additional Treasure Slot - Opens 3000 mojo slot
- 24 Hour Double XP Potion gained only on first playthrough.
13 Heart Mender 3000 Faster Life Regen - New regen timer: 7:45
14 Orb Smacker 5000 Critical Hit - 1% chance a normal match is worth 2x its value
- You will hear a distinct sound and 'Critical 2x!' on screen when you get one
15 Temple Cleaner 1000 3rd Power Slot - 3 powers usable at once
16 Path Hacker 3000 Cannon - Fires a three way piercing shot when matched in-game, 750 mojo
- Can trigger powerups and fruits
- Stacks with hot frog power
- Only one cannon powerup can be onscreen at once
17 Fruit Slicer 5000 New Fruit (mango) - Base score raised from 3000 to 3300.
18 Heart Finder 2000 Life Container - You now have 7 hearts
19 Powder Packer 4000 Inferno Frog - Allows you to fires four explosive balls at once in Hot Frog instead of 3, 750 mojo
20 Mojo Monger 6000 More mojo - Gain 50% more mojo from a game than usual. (This is factored into your total on the results screen)
21 Kudo Keeper 1000 Spirit Animal Eagle Scores up to 1.2 million are recorded
22 Heart Cleaner 2000 Faster Life Regen - New regen timer: 7:30
23 Sphere Smasher 5000 Fruit Master Fruit appears 25% faster, 750 mojo
24 Heart Collector 3000 Life Container - You now have 8 hearts
25 Kudo Guard 5000 Spirit Animal Alligator - Scores up to 1.3 million are recorded
26 Heart Doctor 7000 Faster Life Regen - New regen timer: 7:15
27 Sphere Basher 2000 Chain Blast - Causes explosion at x10 chain, then at x15, x20..., 1000 mojo
28 Kudo Defender 4000 Spirit Animal Shark - Scores up to 1.4 million are recorded
29 Mojo Collector 6000 More Mojo - Gain twice as much mojo per game than usual
30 Sphere Crusher 4000 Chrono Balls - Time balls now award +6 seconds when powerup is active, 1000 mojo
31 Heart Protector 6000 Faster Life Regen - New regen timer: 7:00
32 Treasure Sage 8000 Treasure Slot - Opens top right, 8000 mojo square
33 Heart Champion 3000 Life Container - You now have 9 hearts - final life upgrade
34 Sphere Smusher 5000 Multiplier - Game starts with x2 multiplier, 1000 mojo
35 Heart Hero 7000 Faster Life Regen - New regen timer: 6:45
36 Orb Eliminator 5000 Critical Hit 2 - Critical hit chance increased to 2%
37 Fruit Chef 7000 Fruit (Pineapple) - Base score raised from 3300 to 3600
38 Sphere Blaster 9000 Tiki Bombs - Replaces Bombs powerup
- increases bomb frequency by 25%*, 1000 mojo
39 Heart Legend 4000 Faster Life Regen - New regen timer: 6:30
40 Mojo Maven 6000 More Mojo - Gain 2.5x amount of mojo in a game.
41 Ball Cracker 8000 Mega Hurrah - Replaces Last Hurrah powerup
- Doubles score value of Last Hurrah, 1000 mojo
42 Kudo Protector 6000 Spirit Animal Elephant - Scores up to 1.5 million are recorded
43 Heart Master 8000 Faster Life Regen - New regen timer: 6:15
44 Ball Smacker 10000 Super Speed - Replaces Speed Ball
- +20% ball firing speed, cost raised to 2000 mojo
45 Fruit Warrior 5000 Fruit (coconut) - Base score raised from 3600 to 3900
46 Ball Zapper 7000 Cannon King - Upgrades Cannon powerup
- Decreases the time before another cannon ball powerup appears by 25%, 2000 mojo
47 Heart Chief 9000 Faster Life Regen - New Regen timer: 6:00 (final regen upgrade)
48 Orb Decimator 7000 Critical Hit 3 - Critical hit chance increased to 3%
49 Mojo Master 9000 More Mojo - Gain 3x the amount of mojo from a game, final mojo upgrade
50 Ball Exploder 11000 Sun Frog Replaces Inferno Frog
- 5 red frog shots, 1500 mojo
51 Kudo Mystic 6000 Spirit Animal Jaguar - Scores up to 1.6 million are recorded
52 Treasure Guard 8000 Additional Treasure Slot - Opens bottom right, 4 idol square
53 Ball Burster 10000 Juicy Fruit - Replaces Fruit Master
- Fruit appears 50% more often, 1500 mojo
54 Fruit Champion 8000 Fruit (cacao) - Base score raised from 3900 to 4200
55 Orb Annihilator 10000 Critical Hit 4 - Critical hit chance increased to 4%
56 Ball Crasher 12000 Super Chain Blast - Replaces Chain Blast
- Explosion at 9x chain, x13, x17..., 2000 mojo
57 Orb Expunger 7000 Critical Hit 5 - Critical hit chance increased to 5%
58 Kudo King 9000 Spirit Animal Bear - Scores up to 1.7 million are recorded
59 Ball Smasher 11000 Voodoo Bombs - Replaces Tiki Bombs powerup
- Increases explosion radius by 18%*, 2000 mojo
60 Fruit Smoothie 9000 Fruit (kiwi) - Base score raised from 4200 to 4500
61 Orb Eradicator 11000 Critical Hit 6 - Critical hit chance increased to 6%
62 Ball Basher 13000 Epic Fruit - Replaces Juicy Fruit
- Fruit appears twice as often (per 7 seconds), 3000 mojo
63 Orb Demolisher 8000 Critical Hit 7 - Critical hit chance increased to 7%
64 Kudo Champion 10000 Spirit Animal Lion - Scores up to 1.8 million are recorded
65 Fruit Mystic 12000 Fruit (peach) - Base score raised from 4500 to 4800
66 Ball Hunter 10000 Tempus Fugit - Latin for "time flies"
- Replaces Chrono Balls
- Gives 7 seconds per time ball matched when active, 2000 mojo)
67 Orb Eater 12000 Critical Hit 8 - Critical hit chance increased to 8%
68 Treasure Champ 14000 Additional Treasure Slot - Opens bottom left, 8 idol square
69 Ball Abolisher 9000 Super Cannon - Replaces Cannon King
- Fires a four-way cannon shot, 4000 mojo
70 Orb Clobberer 11000 Critical Hit 9 - Critical hit chance increased to 9%
71 Kudo Legend 13000 Spirit Animal Dinosaur - Scores up to 1.9 million are recorded
- It's a T-Rex
72 Fruit Veteran 11000 Fruit (avacado) - Base score raised from 4800 to 5100
- Last fruit upgrade
73 Ball Breaker 13000 Warp Ball - Replaces Super Speed Ball
- Increases ball firing speed by 30%, 2000 mojo
- Can help with leading shots
74 Orb Slammer 15000 Critical Hit 10 - Critical hit chance increased to 10%
- Final Critical hit upgrade
75 Ball Blaster 10000 Mega Chain - Replaces Super Chain Blast
- Increases explosion radius of Super Chain Blast by 18%*, 4000 mojo
76 Kudo Boss 12000 Spirit Animal Unicorn - Scores up to 2 million are recorded
77 Ball King 14000 Time Lord - Replaces Tempus Fugit
- Gives 8 seconds per time ball matched when activated, 4000 mojo
- Required for any high scoring game
- 2:24 extra time is possible for a single game
78 Kudo Veteran 12000 Spirit Animal Quetzalcoatl - All scores are recorded
79 Ball Paragon 14000 Multi Multiplier - Replaces Multiplier
- Start game with x3 multiplier, 2000 mojo
80 Golden Frog 16000 Golden Frog - Permanently increases shot speed by 10% (unless playing as another spirit animal) and stacks with speed ball powers (Warp Ball + Golden Frog = 40% Shot speed increase)
- Gives your frog a new look.
- Current level cap - No exp gain past this point).
- Access to Totally 80s Club bonuses (cumulative total: 250 idols, 40k mojo, 2x 24hour lifes)
- Can reset using Mastery Mode.
80M Zuma Blitz Master 20000
(share post)
0 (you)
(Inroduced May 4, 2011. Access it by clicking the golden progress bar.)

You will keep:

  • Golden Frog
  • Mojo / Idol counts
  • Unlocked First Tier powers and treasure slots that you obtained using idols. (You will get 24h 3x mojo potions instead of unlocking them again, if you have one active already it will reset the timer to 24:00)
  • Spirit Animal mastery levels
  • Coconut count (you can't exchange hearts for coconuts until lvl 10, but you can still eat coconuts)
  • glowing frame (6 degrees of mastery available)
  • Current high score on the week's leaderboard
  • Any active Mojo/XP potions and 24h life.
  • Any fortune cookies on hand, though its mojo value will be considerably lower than usual.

You will lose:

  • All unlocked powers and upgrades gained from leveling up
  • Ability to obtain spirit animals until you reach their respective level.
  • Treasure Chests until lvl 8
  • Use of powers until lvl 5 (15 for all three power slots)
  • Extra life containers, regen timers, and mojo bonuses. (See lvl 1 on the table for what you will get. Your mojo gained will be 1/3 what you will normally gain until you reach lvl 49 again.)

If you do go for it: Go for a high score early; you won't be on the Top 3 for quite a while. And unlock the bottom treasure slots FIRST (for 20/30 idols), you'll have a higher chance of getting 8 idols, and you'll get the x3 mojo potion for each level of mastery.

If you used up your free revive / mojo boost during your first playthrough (from running out of life / mojo respectively) you don't get it again if you reset.

You can still collect mojo/idol bonuses from Totally 80's Club emails.

E Spirit Animal Monument
(Play as spirit animals)
You have a option to use them:
  • At random after starting a new game after around lvl 13
  • By collecting from friend's wall posts, which you will get an option to use before you start a game (only one opportunity per post)
  • Feeds or promotions that give you a free spirit monument, which you will start with that spirit animal immediately after you start the game.

All spirit animals currently use 36,000 mojo normally unless otherwise listed and unleash a color clearing spirit blast (after last hurrah). Links are gameplay vids of respective animals.

Spirit Animal Cat - +fireball per 13 shots, clears all blue balls at end of game
Spirit Animal Beetle - Timer starts at 1:12, clears all red balls at end of game.*
Spirit Animal Weasel (45k mojo)

  • Spirit Weasel gives Extra Cannon Power!
  • Cannon power added in-game (3 way normally, 4/5 with cannon power active).
  • Cannon powerups appear much faster (twice as fast as Super Cannon).
  • Worth x40 points per ball cleared with cannons.
  • Clears all yellow balls at end of game for points (worth twice as much as other spirit animals).

Spirit Animal Eagle (45k mojo)
  • Extra Shot Speed and Fruit!
  • Multipliers appear 50% faster*
  • +75% Shot Speed
  • +66% fruit value (229,500 max fruit bonus at lvl 80 @ x9)
  • Clears all green balls at end of game for 800 points each, plus a spirit blast of 9500 points.

Programs Used: Camtasia Studio and Hypercam to record gameplay. x264vfw codec was used for video compression for web playback. VirtualDub to analyze games on a frame-by-frame basis in order to get those figures (such as powerup frequency / points per explosion, etc).


Astein, AŻ, BlueViper02, brohan, Cédric, ClubMojo, Catherine Krueger, Curtis Tobin Sr., Danielle Buford, Duncan Watson, DJ B-Rad, JDPower, joehester, Matias, MC, RobertD, thexc, and several other anonymous users have contributed to a portion of this level up table, as well as the Zuma Blitz Tiki Talk videos for getting some values. And Lars Kristan for putting some of this info / linking to this page on the official Zuma Blitz discussion boards.

Zuma Blitz on The Other Side
... Current Board (Jan 31):One Giant Leap... (note: I don't update this section often)
Current Promotion: Share The Love (1000 mojo per fortune cookie opened, 5000 if lvl 80)
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Video Examples Playthrough: 1200k · 2 million at lvl 33 · 4.7m on Above and Below · 10m Technical Demonstration · 4 Million (90 Degree Nightmare)
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This is an archive page only. Please see the current level up table to see or post comments.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zuma Blitz + Tips

So... at the start of Bejeweled Blitz, I managed to stumble upon Zuma Blitz. And it's just as addicting as Bejeweled Blitz. In fact, they imposed a limit on how many times you could play in a short period of time (represented as lives). That didn't stop me, however, from playing ~180 one minute games and reaching level 25 in a period of two days. Three months later, I reached lvl 80.

At the time I started the game, none of my friends have found out about this game, so I had a decent head start.

The game was in a beta state until they removed that status on January 25, 2012. They relaunched the game under the title "Krokatoa Island" featuring two additional powers, a reworked coin and XP system (not for the better), and the ability to use food.

The Gameplay

It's like Zuma, but you get only one minute (typically more than this). Basically it was one board, 60 seconds to get as many points as possible. The thing that kept me in for quite a while, however, was additional perks upon leveling up, such as Additional multipliers (at lvl 34 / 79), time balls (can extend your play time to well beyond two minutes) as well as the Double XP Potion (Level 12), I got to a million at around lvl 34 the first time through.

In the end, if you want a high score, playing fast isn't all that matters; you've got to play skillfully.

Playing through 2nd level of mastery, one year later

Gameplay Tips

I have found official tips to be of some value, but likewise, once my friends start to play this, they'll probably be asking me for some pointers, just like on Bejeweled Blitz. So here are my tips:

General Tips

  • Go for multipliers first, then timer bonuses. If you are short on time, go for the timer ball. If necessary and possible, you may discard balls off the screen rapidly until you get a color that you need to get that bonus.
  • If any bonus disappears, you can still get it if you destroy the ball that used to have the powerup.
  • Either play fast or play strategically. Since additional points are rewarded based on both your chain bonus and how close you are to the red frog bonus, it's helpful to work fast.
  • If you're fast enough, it's best to keep making matches until you get a red frog for curve clears, then when you have a high multiplier base, work on gap shots. The multipliers gained instead will more than make up the difference from those shots.
  • If you're strategic, make sure you don't miss. Each ball that doesn't hit its intended target (either to set up a combo or hit a powerup) is costly and you might not get the correct ball you want for a while.
  • As you approach the red frog bonus, the balls you fire will speed up significantly. The speed bonus will be preserved after you fire your hot frog shots.
  • Gap shots are key to high scores, especially very close gaps. They typically add five (and sometimes six) digits to your score if pulled off right. You can set them up in a way to continuously do this. See this post on gapshots. Don't do this too early though - if you can't get to time / multiplier powerups easily, which could be anywhere on the board, it is usually not worth setting them up until around x5.
  • On boards with lots of gap opportunities, don't be hasty into blasting every single ball right away - sometimes the best option is to wait until you can shoot two balls in a row and get a gap bonus on the second.
  • Don't invest in ball-clearing powerups when going for gap shots, they kill these opportunities easily. Additionally they do not provide as many points.
  • Go for fruit if possible. Hitting them won't break your chain bonus, and they are rewarding over time, especially with the Epic Fruit power.
  • If you hit a time bonus via a combo when the timer is up, you get a huge 'consolation bonus'. Same goes with remaining in Hot Frog when time is up, as well as in Cannon Mode (though you get significantly less points in this case)
  • XP points are based only on curve clears / hot frog / fruit / gaps / extra time, which is discussed in the level up table.
  • Red Frog + Cannon Shot = three explosion balls.
  • The red frog meter takes 18 ball matches to fill up (15 with Ignition Sauce). If you wait more than a second between matches, it will start decreasing slowly.
  • Try playing with no sound; it can help you concentrate better during the last 15 seconds of the game. Not looking at your score counter either until after the game also helps.
  • Keep playing for XP. For returning players, they're essential to giving you coins... and that's about it. (Also, for new players, leveling up gives you better powers to earn more points easily and dominate the board.) A near comprehensive list is listed on this post.

  • And one more thing... SHARE. Every daily spin, spirit animal promotion, monument, high scores (this includes a high score of zero) - each has the potential of giving others 1k in coins. TIP: If you've got lots of extra lives, at the start of a new week, start a new game (no powers), immediately quit the game, and you can share your high score of zero to others for the sole purpose of giving others coins. Repeat as many times as FB will allow.
  • Also, collecting other friend's feeds might help too. Link to filter only Zuma Blitz posts

List of Levels

This is a comprehensive listing of all Zuma Blitz Kroakatoa levels since its release (Sept 23, 2012). A list of classic Zuma Blitz levels can be found here.

See also: Current High Scores.

Supply Drops: A supply drop of one power and food item will be released each week, and will be publicly available upon final approval of Popcap. Until then, it will display what the daily gifts were for that week. They will be highlighted green if they are collectible and you haven't collected them yet. All goods are provided 'as is'.

On the other hand, there is the daily gift that you can send to other players...

  • Scores with links contain actual video proof of that particular score. Powers that were used in that game will be displayed if info is available. Most board screenshots show the best way to get high scores on that board.
  • Board Specific Tips / Video replays are highlighted in green/blue text. Board changes every Tue 4PM PST.
Level Image Level Name Introduced Recordholder Supply Drop
Eagle Eyes September 18, 2012 Radek Domański
14,888,200 (Fixed Gap Scoring)
Jerome Ooi
(Old Gap Scoring)
Journey to Kroakatoa September 25, 2012 Jerome Ooi
(Old Gap Scoring)
Candy Lei (x20)
Warp Ball (x20)
Bronze Board October 2, 2012 John Chan
Gapple Sauce (x20)
Epic Fruit (x20)
Crab Board October 9, 2012 黃柏雯
Kiwi Kebab (x20)
Wild Shot (x20)
Roots Board October 16, 2012 Brendan Chan
Neil's Strongarm (x20)
Inferno Frog (x20)
Platter Board October 23, 2012 Brendan Chan
Curvy Fries (x20)
Epic Fruit (x20)
Halloween Board October 30, 2012 Brendan Chan
Combo Corn (x5)
Sticky Apple
Hot Springs Board November 7, 2012 Tle Athimon
Gold Mine Board November 13, 2012 John Chan
4000 Coins
Gapple Sauce
Hog Wild Sliders
Hasty Pudding
10x Bombs
Hog Wild Sliders
Thanksgiving Board November 20, 2012 Brendan Chan
10 Pound Turkey (5x)
Canned Cran Blast (5x)
Whipped Taters (5x)
Hasty Pudding
Kroakatoa Wave
Key Lime Pie
The Last Bite
Candy Lei
Smokin Hot Links
Clockwork Board November 27, 2012 Brendan Chan
Kiwi Kebab
Animal Crackers
Pyro Popcorn
Igntion Sauce
1x Bomb
Gapple Sauce
Hog Wild Sliders
Sea Turtles Board December 4, 2012 Suzanne Freeman
Spirit Turtle
50k coins
Hasty Pudding
Kroakatoa Wave
Reef Madness December 11, 2012 Bembenk Flash
Winter Board December 18, 2012 Brian Santiago
3x Christmas Cake
3x Candy Spin
10k coins
Christmas Board December 25, 2012 Suzanne Freeman
Lava Board January 1, 2012 Marío Herní
Gold Board January 22, 2012 Brendan Chan
Fireflies Board January 29, 2012 César Bobadilla
Heartwood Board February 12, 2012 Brendan Chan
Shamrock Board March 12, 2013 Bembenk Flash
Progressive Board March 19, 2013 TBA
> 27.9 million
Major Mouthful July 2, 2013 Suzanne Freeman
Zulu Bravado July 16, 2013 Radek Domanski
Dig It! November 5, 2013 Savas Topal

Questions or comments?

Questions here will be either answered on future posts, or can be answered by another reader's comment here.

Answered: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Revision: Oct 2012 (First version posted in Dec 2010)

Zuma Blitz on The Other Side
General Level Up Table · Scoring Mechanics · General Tips · Questions Part 1 · Questions Part 2 (Gapshots FTW) · Questions Part 3
Levels (See above table)
Video Examples Playthrough: 1200k · 2 million at lvl 33 · 4.7m on Above and Below · 10m Technical Demonstration · 4 Million (90 Degree Nightmare) · Beach Ball - 6.1M at lvl 67 (most points per second record)
Articles Detailed Point Breakdown · Death by Curve Clear · Game Recording · Malware Issues · 2x or 3x Mojo? · Double Gaps - Sliding Gaps · On Mastery Mode · Multiplier Powerup Frequency Study · Triple Rollout Board (beta) - The Other Zuma Blitz Guide (completed, pdf) · Making the most out of Fortune Cookies

Zuma Blitz Levels (Classic)

This page displays the levels for the Classic version of Zuma Blitz, and is for historical purposes only.

Level Image Level Name Alternate Names Introduced Recordholder Board Record
Hell Board Temple Twister December 7, 2011 N/A 853,100
Mouth of Madness Tongue Tied
Ancestral Tongue (ZR)
December 14, 2010
March 29, 2011
Joe Wu 8,135,070
Creeper Copse
(winter version)
Snowbound December 21, 2010 Bruce Ota 3,454,140
Searing Visage (ZR)
Leaderboard (ending 11/22/11)
Leaping Lava December 28, 2010
May 24, 2011
Bart Jansen 7,598,660
Shark Den (ZR) Switchback Snap
90 Degree Nightmare
January 4, 2011
June 14, 2011
Brendan Chan 4,987,540
Double Danger (ZR) The Box January 11, 2011 Liang Hsu 6,119,340
Beach Board Beach Ball January 18, 2011 Radek Domanski 6,533,760
Aqua Board Round Surround January 25, 2011
July 5, 2011
Yui Natsukawa 3,895,200
Creeper Copse (ZR) Lost Galactic February 1, 2011
July 12, 2011
Liang Hsu 7,643,990
Valentine's Day Board Lovin' Easy February 8, 2011 Honza Melicher 4,256,500
Snakes Board Serpentine February 15, 2011 Mark Bailey 9,288,610
Crossroads Pretzel of Doom February 22, 2011 Joe Wu 6,338,400
Orbit Board Inward Falls March 1, 2011 Bart Jansen 4,437,210
Above and Below Whipcrack March 8, 2011 Bart Jansen 7,622,480
Pot o' Gold Arches Board
Lucky Spin
March 15, 2011 Liang Hsu 5,255,590
Happy Board Sea Queen March 22, 2011 Bart Jansen 5,897,660
Life's A Beach Secret Smile April 5, 2011 Radek Domanski 6,297,400
Major Mouthful
Leaderboard (ending 11/08/11)
(Unnamed Hand Drawn
Lava Board)
April 12, 2011 Brendan Chan 9,306,520
Easter Board Smooth Creamy April 19, 2011 Liang Hsu 4,575,100
90 Degree Nightmare Sneakies April 26, 2011 Liang Hsu 5,006,660
Welcome to the Boneyard Older Bone May 3, 2011 Liang Hsu 4,916,780
Splish Splash Ripples May 10, 2011 Mark Bailey 8,681,010
Calamari Chaos --- May 17, 2011 Mark Bailey 5,297,300
Face Your Fear (ZR) Aweful Visage May 31, 2011 Brendan Chan 7,656,580
Snakes on a Plain
Leaderboard (ending 11/15/11)
--- June 7, 2011 Paidrig Aaron Syphrine 10,133,950
Summer Solstice --- June 21, 2011 Mandy Lin 4,800,750
Eagle Eyes --- June 28, 2011
Feb 21, 2011
Padraig Aaron Syphrine 11,340,440
Spirit Monument --- October 11, 2011 Padraig Aaron Syphrine 6,736,590
Spooky Spectre! --- October 25, 2011 Padraig Aaron Syphrine
FALLing Skies --- November 22, 2011 Liang Hsu 5,407,130
Zulu Bravado
L17a_anniversary December 6, 2011 Joe Wu 5,828,130
Spiral Gateway
--- December 13, 2011 Joe Wu 6,913,870
Snowpocalypse --- December 20, 2011 Brendan Chan 5,164,690
Back to the Beginning --- December 27, 2011 Brendan Chan 6,202,000
One Giant Leap... --- January 31, 2011 Jerome Ooi 8,530,900
Driftwood --- February 7, 2011 Joe Wu 6,692,000
Sweet Shot --- February 14, 2011 Joe Wu 7,903,840