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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On FB's Wall Photos Privacy

UPDATED: Ever since they changed per-post privacy settings, you can change the privacy of each picture on Wall Photos. You may disregard the content of this post.

I've noticed today that there's a problem in showing the solution to the picross puzzle a few posts down. I intended it to be shown to everyone, however the privacy settings made it that no one could see the image.

Further examanation of the 'Wall Photos' album on Facebook revealed that the album has a unique privacy setting feature. Although the album's privacy setting determines whether or not you can view the album at all (from the Photos tab of the profile), the photos's individual privacy is based on the privacy setting that you put on the picture that you uploaded when you posted it on your wall.

Example: If you uploaded an image to your wall only for yourself, it gets put on your Wall Photos album. No one else can see the image by either looking at your wall or in the Wall Photos album. Sending them a direct link won't work for them.)

Workaround: You can move that photo on the "wall photos" album to another album on the edit photos page, and the photo's privacy setting will be that of the destination album. Keep in mind; you can't move it back into the Wall Photos album.

I will reupload and fix that issue, sorry for the inconvenience.