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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Starcraft 2 Parameters

It appears that a lot of people are searching for parameters for Starcraft 2, so I'll put the ones that I know of.

NOTE: Most of these parameters will work only in single player (as many settings are generated from editor options) and only if you use these parameters on the individual SC2 builds themselves, NOT the SC2 Launcher. (Located in the Versions directory)

Personally I think using the parameter "-ScreenshotFormat png" would be very useful as it saves your screenshots to .png format instead of the usual .jpg removing any compression artifacts.

To use these parameters, create a shortcut to the executable, right click and go to properties, and in the target box, at the end of the file name, add any of these parameters.

  • -fixedseed: Use a fixed seed for randomization purposes.
  • -affinity [num]: Determines what core of the CPU to use. Can't tell if this is converted or not into binary format on which cores to utilize, but entering 1 will only use the first core on a CPU, 2 will use only the 2nd core.
  • -graphicsQuality [low|medium|high|ultra]: Manually set the quality level. (use either low, medium, high, or ultra.)
  • -texturesQuality [low|medium|high|ultra]: Manually set the texture level.
  • -ScreenshotFormat [extension]: When the printscreen button is pressed, it will save a screenshot in the Screenshots Folder. Determines what format you want your screenshots saved as. Very useful. (Extension: use one of the following: jpg, png, bmp, tga)
  • -CachePath [directory]: (untested) Determines the location to save cached files.
  • -speed [num]: Game speed of the map you're loading. Number from 0 to 4 (Slower, Slow, Normal, Fast, Faster)
  • -difficulty [num]: Difficulty of the map you're loading. Number form 0 to 5 (very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard, insane)
  • -run "[mapfile]": Run the specified map. Note: it is relative to the SCII Maps Directory. Put this parameter in first.
  • -displaymode [num]: Set display mode (0 = windowed, 1 = Fullscreen Windowed, 2 = Fullscreen)
  • -NoUserCheats: Disable cheats other than the cheats built into the game.
  • -trigdebug: Enable the Trigger Debugger.
  • -preload 1: Enable map preloading.


MrPlazmaDude said...

Thanks a bunches, I was looking for the -ScreenshotFormat var ... dont like the jpg default. Cheers!