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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Space Siege Done Quick

In order to clean out an old game, I decided to make my attempt to speedrun a game, Space Siege, while trying to make it as smooth as possible. During my Fall Break, I achieved this.

Total time: 3:31 (3 hours, 31 minutes, including cutscenes).
Game restarts: 3 (since I couldn’t do it in one setting, I split it into three segments)
Total Memory Taken: 278 GB (Compressed into 4.8 GB in x264 format)


  • The ships in the intro scene aren’t proportional to the game’s scale, if you assume the Kerak fighters can only seat one person.
  • On the second level, I backtracked unnecessarily while trying to find something. Although it was not needed, it would be necessary to advance. In other areas, fights were started when evasion could have been done.
  • Note that I fight at the beginning in order to pick up parts. This way I can upgrade early and not worry about fighting harder enemies near the end of the game to pick up such parts. Some side routes are made in order to pick up larger toolboxes, however.
  • The 5% humanity option was chosen. It’s possible to do the 100% humanity option but that would be time costly.
  • Near the end, any enemy that could use a stun / massive damage attack were destroyed to prevent any player deaths.
  • Save rooms are used. As they refill health as well as energy, it’s invaluable when constantly sprinting, which uses up energy.