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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Starcraft 2 Cheats... with Parameters

NOTE: This page is obsolete (any info here does not apply to the game) as of Patch 1.3.

After experimenting and using Starcraft 2 Cheats for map debugging purposes, I figured out that it’s possible to modify a few cheats using parameters similar to programming. Instead of upgrading all units at once, why not just one specific one?

Tip: input these cheats by pressing enter and typing them in, they work.

List of cheats with parameters:

Parameter: Integer or 24hr time (eg 12:00:00)

Qrotero: toggles time of day and displays the time as well as how fast the timer is ticking per game loop.
Extra Parameter: Inputting a number after the cheat (qrotero 6) will set the day/night timer to the value instead, in seconds after 00:00 on a 24 hour clock.
Note: On custom maps, it will not have any effect unless you program the day/night lighting setting changes for the map in the editor. See this video tutorial on how to do it.
Example: qrotero 3600 (sets the in-game time of day to 01:00:00)

Parameter: Upgrade Name (String)

iamironman: Adds 1 to weapon/armor upgrade, and researches all other upgrades. (no parameters)
Extra Parameter: Input the ID or Name of the upgrade that you want added, (the list of inputtable values is in the Data Field >> Upgrades tab). If more than one upgrade matches the string you put in, it will use the first upgrade that it finds. It will search all opened libraries that the current map depends on. (NOTE: The upgrade must have the 'cheat' flag set for it to work)
Example: iamironman ShieldWall (gives the marine the shield upgrade)

Parameter: Integer

smoldersbolds: +5000 of each resource (minerals, gas, terrazine, custom resource)
stroaksmolts: +5000 minerals
realmendrilldeep: +5000 vespene gas
jaynestown: +5000 terrazine
dzmhairspring: +5000 (custom resource)
Extra Parameter: Inputting a number after any of the above cheats will add (or subtract) that number instead.
Example: stroaksmolts 500 (+500 minerals)

Parameter: Player (1-14)

terribleterribledamage: God Mode and units deal 10x damage (local player)
moredotsmoredots: Disable cost checking (local player)
sosayweall: Disable tech requirements (local player)
basestarsprimative: Fast build (local player) (to be more specific, 2000% of normal build and upgrade speed, ONLY build time is affected, not repair, etc.)
Extra Parameter: Input the ID of the player you want to give the cheat effect to. The player can be a non-human player.
Example: terribleterribledamage 2 (gives Player 2 God Mode)