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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Edit-Protecting Starcraft II Maps

After experimenting with the editor for long periods of time, including trying to improve the compression rates for sounds, I found out that you could lock the map offline and prevent it from being edited, without having to publish the map online to first.

Although you can view and play the map, you would not be able to edit the map in any way. Useful for deterring map stealers and cheap modifications of maps, or if you don't want other people editing it when publishing it on the interwebs. And there's a lot of maps out there.

As of the 1.0.1 release of the editor:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make a copy of the map that you're going to protect.
  • Open the document with the latest version of WinMPQ
  • Import a 16-bit 8kHz wav sound file that's around 10KB into the map (you can use any name), with compression type "Audio".

You're done. Others can open and play the map, but it will cause the editor to crash when they edit the map in any way and then save/test document.

There might be some workarounds for this method, although I haven't found any yet, since copying the data (except the sounds) into another file using WinMPQ will create an unplayable map.