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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Event Planning Part 2

Getting an event going is tough. Even though you got an event going, it’s hard to get a sufficient number of (confirmed) guests in order to attend, and less to arrive on a timely basis. Happened to me last Saturday for a meeting; I though I was late when in fact I was the first one there.

In this example, I only managed to get two others in the event, and because we’ll be the first to arrive, we may not have enough people to start a game. (We got to assume those who are waiting to respond won’t come). Not to worry, though.

Thanks to a blog tip from one of my friends, I noticed that there’s a laser tag event an hour later at the same place. (Note: this is not the same image on their blog) With not a lot of confirmed attendees. This is another decision. If I merge the group with this one, things can get interesting. Unfortunately I don’t have the negotiation power to see if we can merge the event. Or I can try to get enough people to get a game going before they arrive; don't want to interrupt their party.

Decisions, decisions... it's all based on random factors.