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Friday, July 2, 2010

This Or That

#147E. Create any form of art using the tablet that was purchased. (Goal completed by creating the mic)
#120E. Parody one of Ellegna's deviantart works. (Goal Completed. Note: not on deviantart, but it's on another site with a similar name, and by the same artist too.)

(Source: Ellegn[A]rt, edited) (direct img link)

UPDATE: Apologies for people who initially misinterpreted it, but the last paragraph was referring to the blog author (B. Chan) who drew the mic and said he wasn't very good at art. Looks like someone took it too seriously.

This one image gave me at least 20 ways to put a caption on it. So here goes a few:
This or that. There's more than one way to send a message.
And the winner of the Mediafest awards goes to... grr...
What, a message? Hope it's important.
Be passive or be active?
This describes what she does with my invites.
What she does in her room when her door is closed.
Hey, you're that girl who looks like that profile pic on ellegnart!

OK... I'm out of ideas. There's a few more, but I don't feel like putting them up here. And yes, that mic's poorly drawn, but else can you expect for a person who isn't very good in art?