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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jackpot Runner, Round 2

#33. Get 2,000 tickets in one session. (Goal completed)

After being unsuccessful at the last attempt to complete this goal I finally made it this time around.

That image was the ball in the game shortly after the jackpot was hit. And that was at Boomer's.

No wonder why I went here so often in the past. Tickets are paid out by the hundreds here. After hitting a jackpot worth approximately 1,000 tickets, then playing the other games which have rather high payout rates, I managed to accumulate 2,000 tickets within a single session. And in less than $30. (Tip: If you do spend $100 there, it is you get more than twice its value's worth of tokens. I didn't however.) A lot of things have changed since the last time I've been here. No big deal, though. They use card systems now, but thankfully you can convert back and forth between tokens and points here.

Over 2,000? Check. Goal completed.

Another ride I went on that day were the go-karts, where I managed to ride one of these for the first time. Of course I got sandwiched in between two go-karts with racers clearly below the height level requirement, but what else would you expect?