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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Event Planning

#183E. Successfully host an event. (Goal started)

Good training before I host real events for my club back in college, where successful events ultimately determine the fate of the club's existence.

So what's planned? Laser tag. But this time I'm trying out the FB event feature as well. To be safe, I'll choose only to invite those who have a good chance of showing up to the event. Then I'll let the friends invite the rest of the class into the event.

But first, some SC2. Working on choosing a good character name b/c you can't change it later, which caught hundreds if not thousands of people by surprise, especially when 'character name' is misleading. (Note: The character name in SC1 is for single player, but this one applies to both single and multiplayer.) And no, it's not the simple username change, it's bound to your account (or your $60 cd-key), so... yeah, the name's important.

Additional note: The twitter account will no longer have as many updates as usual; it's mainly used to note various errors in programs, web apps, and stuff. All other updates will be put on FB instead, where particular posts can be viewed and commented on (must have at least 1 mutual friend). Add as friend to follow updates.