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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


#75. Find and hammer in all 50 state quarters [48/50]
#166. Beat a Racine AI Bot in Starcraft OR two Insane Starcraft II AIs. (Goal changed to this since the original AI is not available for download, and the latter is an achievement in the game)
#198. Reduce the paper pile count in my room to at most 3 shelves’ worth. (Goal Completed)
Goal 200 has been revoked.

Renovations are done, and I've begun cleaning up. I've got some new plans to make in this coming year, now that I've been accepted into the (Blended) Masters Degree Program. A MS and BS in three years sounds very good, and beats getting that AA back at Delta (which I should've gotten if they based my degree on a one year old catalog.)

Also, SC2's coming out in a week or so, and this trailer really is impressive. Gonna get the game next week.

A note on Goal 200: This goal has no purpose anymore. Even though I like to get my goals done as quickly as possible, Hanging out with someone I like just once for the purpose of a goal doesn't sound right. I want a relation to last.