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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breaking the Cycle

So after playing the game Every Day The Same Dream it gives me the idea of how just about everything I do seems to be in a cycle, and trying to find a way out.

Every day's the same... at least for me. In the fall and spring semesters: Get up, go to school, lunch, more classes, go home, on the computer, check latest news, dinner, finish work, sleep. And it repeats, over and over again.

I needed something to break the cycle. I made the attempt in high school, but it was all but discouraging. I was able to explore new places, but at a high cost; it caused me to become detached with many follow classmates back at high school to the point where my relations with most of them are rather sketchy. In the end I am left with few contacts and almost no one to lean on now. It seems better to change. But is it worth it? After all, in college, it tends to promote change more, like the ability to create a club if they don't have it. But what if I'm wrong...?

If I could redo the past again, I would probably go with the flow. Sure, creativity wouldn't exist, but at least I'll be having more fun.

Let's do a simulation. Assume we have another chance.

Up here we have a (poorly drawn) recreation of Locke with variations. (I know, I only took and hour and a half to draw this). Assume also you're talking with another person. You have the door to get to the next class. And the hallway. You don't know where the hallway goes, but if you do, you'll make that attempt to explore new places at the cost of breaking yourself from others. Which do you do, break the cycle, or remain inside? Hard choice to make...