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Monday, July 5, 2010

Breaking the Cycle (Examples)

Apparently I'm not the only one who's willing to break the cycle. Others have done this as well, sometimes with consequences. And I've found some other examples.

I managed to see Toy Story 3 today after many posts of people seeing and liking the movie. It has some similarities to the topic of discussion; in the movie, one of the main characters is convinced that his owner still cares, but the others think that he should move on because the owner probably abandoned him. It's like my situation where it's time for a change. Keeping the cycle of communication with old friends, but starting new ones is a good choice to make. (btw, despite the fact that Toy Story 3 is rated G, it IS a good movie; you should watch it.)

Secondly, the city where I live removed the ban on selling fireworks. Left and right, booths were popping up. To the point where two different vendors were selling them across the street from each other. It's probably because the city needed to break the cycle and lifted the ban on fireworks in order to cover some debts, or so I heard. (Which is why that they weren't doing any fireworks this year). Of course, it had some consequences as a fire broke out somewhere nearby while I was waiting to see the fireworks at the ballpark. (This occured after the baseball game at night. This year, it seemed like an endurance test as the game went no less than twelve innings and at least two hours after the scheduled launch before the game ended and the fireworks began.)

During the summer I broke the cycle of repeated computer programming and gaming by actually experimenting on graphic design to try to provide an illustration for blog posts, and for the summer scrapbook. (As a small note: unless a source is given, I took the screenshot, drew it up, etc. And the pic from my previous post (July 4) was NOT from ellegnArt.)