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Current Projects: Americana Engine (Game Engine Development)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Four Days of Gaming

Apparently four days go by pretty fast, especially when gaming. Here's the rundown.

  • Starcraft II: Campaign completed with approximately 1200+ achievement points. It's just the campaign though... I'm nowhere near decent in multiplayer. (Note: I'm not the first person to beat it)
  • Mardek RPG Ch3: Almost near the end. It's just that one boss. Looks like I have to do some level grinding. Other than that, one of the best flash RPGs I've played.
  • Age of Empires II: Played at cousin's house. Shows how tough the comp is, with good micro skills. It took three tries to beat a level even at it's easiest difficulty.

And I seriously gotta put that event up, which is has. It's currently active as of 12:20pm on 8/1. (Technically, the entire hs class is invited, but I will only invite people which it allows, which is approx 60% of the class. Just to point that out to avoid complaints.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Event Planning

#183E. Successfully host an event. (Goal started)

Good training before I host real events for my club back in college, where successful events ultimately determine the fate of the club's existence.

So what's planned? Laser tag. But this time I'm trying out the FB event feature as well. To be safe, I'll choose only to invite those who have a good chance of showing up to the event. Then I'll let the friends invite the rest of the class into the event.

But first, some SC2. Working on choosing a good character name b/c you can't change it later, which caught hundreds if not thousands of people by surprise, especially when 'character name' is misleading. (Note: The character name in SC1 is for single player, but this one applies to both single and multiplayer.) And no, it's not the simple username change, it's bound to your account (or your $60 cd-key), so... yeah, the name's important.

Additional note: The twitter account will no longer have as many updates as usual; it's mainly used to note various errors in programs, web apps, and stuff. All other updates will be put on FB instead, where particular posts can be viewed and commented on (must have at least 1 mutual friend). Add as friend to follow updates.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


#75. Find and hammer in all 50 state quarters [48/50]
#166. Beat a Racine AI Bot in Starcraft OR two Insane Starcraft II AIs. (Goal changed to this since the original AI is not available for download, and the latter is an achievement in the game)
#198. Reduce the paper pile count in my room to at most 3 shelves’ worth. (Goal Completed)
Goal 200 has been revoked.

Renovations are done, and I've begun cleaning up. I've got some new plans to make in this coming year, now that I've been accepted into the (Blended) Masters Degree Program. A MS and BS in three years sounds very good, and beats getting that AA back at Delta (which I should've gotten if they based my degree on a one year old catalog.)

Also, SC2's coming out in a week or so, and this trailer really is impressive. Gonna get the game next week.

A note on Goal 200: This goal has no purpose anymore. Even though I like to get my goals done as quickly as possible, Hanging out with someone I like just once for the purpose of a goal doesn't sound right. I want a relation to last.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Render: Modularity C

Despite the title, this portion of the scene is NOT made from modular pieces. Although components were made, I had to merge all the components together in order to ensure the lights glow properly. I'm simply testing a side to see if lighting works, if it blends in properly, etc.

And yes, that's supposed to be glass. (the side rails) I'll figure out how to make that illuminate in the future to make it stand out more.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Render: Modularity B

It's still under construction and it's taking longer than usual to create the scene. It's quite helpful to design the entire arena first because... you gotta perceive every possible camera angle.

Render: Lighting without the ceiling

"It needs more lighting." Yes, and apparently those bumpers don't light up. Need to read the manual for reflective surfaces. Rendered using Kerkythea btw.

Render: Just the Lines

"It's not symmetrical..." Yea I know. I'm testing out designs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jackpot Runner, Round 2

#33. Get 2,000 tickets in one session. (Goal completed)

After being unsuccessful at the last attempt to complete this goal I finally made it this time around.

That image was the ball in the game shortly after the jackpot was hit. And that was at Boomer's.

No wonder why I went here so often in the past. Tickets are paid out by the hundreds here. After hitting a jackpot worth approximately 1,000 tickets, then playing the other games which have rather high payout rates, I managed to accumulate 2,000 tickets within a single session. And in less than $30. (Tip: If you do spend $100 there, it is you get more than twice its value's worth of tokens. I didn't however.) A lot of things have changed since the last time I've been here. No big deal, though. They use card systems now, but thankfully you can convert back and forth between tokens and points here.

Over 2,000? Check. Goal completed.

Another ride I went on that day were the go-karts, where I managed to ride one of these for the first time. Of course I got sandwiched in between two go-karts with racers clearly below the height level requirement, but what else would you expect?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Render: Modularity

(Click for full size image)

Looking at the way most modern buildings are made of (glass), I decided to make a window pane. After an hour or so. that’s seemingly the idea of procedural design. Take one pattern over and over again. Add a light, put it in an arena, render, and... the above result.

I don't think my close friends (back from hs) have actually seen the inside of a laser tag arena...

(Note: This model may be added or expanded on in the future, and may be the basis of several more posts)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sketch: On the Parking Garage

Todo: Try to make tripod visible (currently invisible when textures are drawn), add background, establish separate site for sketch storage.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Breaking the Cycle (Examples)

Apparently I'm not the only one who's willing to break the cycle. Others have done this as well, sometimes with consequences. And I've found some other examples.

I managed to see Toy Story 3 today after many posts of people seeing and liking the movie. It has some similarities to the topic of discussion; in the movie, one of the main characters is convinced that his owner still cares, but the others think that he should move on because the owner probably abandoned him. It's like my situation where it's time for a change. Keeping the cycle of communication with old friends, but starting new ones is a good choice to make. (btw, despite the fact that Toy Story 3 is rated G, it IS a good movie; you should watch it.)

Secondly, the city where I live removed the ban on selling fireworks. Left and right, booths were popping up. To the point where two different vendors were selling them across the street from each other. It's probably because the city needed to break the cycle and lifted the ban on fireworks in order to cover some debts, or so I heard. (Which is why that they weren't doing any fireworks this year). Of course, it had some consequences as a fire broke out somewhere nearby while I was waiting to see the fireworks at the ballpark. (This occured after the baseball game at night. This year, it seemed like an endurance test as the game went no less than twelve innings and at least two hours after the scheduled launch before the game ended and the fireworks began.)

During the summer I broke the cycle of repeated computer programming and gaming by actually experimenting on graphic design to try to provide an illustration for blog posts, and for the summer scrapbook. (As a small note: unless a source is given, I took the screenshot, drew it up, etc. And the pic from my previous post (July 4) was NOT from ellegnArt.)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breaking the Cycle

So after playing the game Every Day The Same Dream it gives me the idea of how just about everything I do seems to be in a cycle, and trying to find a way out.

Every day's the same... at least for me. In the fall and spring semesters: Get up, go to school, lunch, more classes, go home, on the computer, check latest news, dinner, finish work, sleep. And it repeats, over and over again.

I needed something to break the cycle. I made the attempt in high school, but it was all but discouraging. I was able to explore new places, but at a high cost; it caused me to become detached with many follow classmates back at high school to the point where my relations with most of them are rather sketchy. In the end I am left with few contacts and almost no one to lean on now. It seems better to change. But is it worth it? After all, in college, it tends to promote change more, like the ability to create a club if they don't have it. But what if I'm wrong...?

If I could redo the past again, I would probably go with the flow. Sure, creativity wouldn't exist, but at least I'll be having more fun.

Let's do a simulation. Assume we have another chance.

Up here we have a (poorly drawn) recreation of Locke with variations. (I know, I only took and hour and a half to draw this). Assume also you're talking with another person. You have the door to get to the next class. And the hallway. You don't know where the hallway goes, but if you do, you'll make that attempt to explore new places at the cost of breaking yourself from others. Which do you do, break the cycle, or remain inside? Hard choice to make...

Friday, July 2, 2010

This Or That

#147E. Create any form of art using the tablet that was purchased. (Goal completed by creating the mic)
#120E. Parody one of Ellegna's deviantart works. (Goal Completed. Note: not on deviantart, but it's on another site with a similar name, and by the same artist too.)

(Source: Ellegn[A]rt, edited) (direct img link)

UPDATE: Apologies for people who initially misinterpreted it, but the last paragraph was referring to the blog author (B. Chan) who drew the mic and said he wasn't very good at art. Looks like someone took it too seriously.

This one image gave me at least 20 ways to put a caption on it. So here goes a few:
This or that. There's more than one way to send a message.
And the winner of the Mediafest awards goes to... grr...
What, a message? Hope it's important.
Be passive or be active?
This describes what she does with my invites.
What she does in her room when her door is closed.
Hey, you're that girl who looks like that profile pic on ellegnart!

OK... I'm out of ideas. There's a few more, but I don't feel like putting them up here. And yes, that mic's poorly drawn, but else can you expect for a person who isn't very good in art?