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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Way Up North

#88. Don’t listen to music for one day. (Goal Completed)
#136E. Visit 10 Museums. (2/10 - Turtle Bay Exploration Park)
#200E. Hang out with someone on the like list. (Goal Completed, it was actually completed months ago but was overlooked. Multiple occurrences were also counted.)
Changed: image for Day 1001 Project
Goal Edit: Gave Goal #11a another try (but if I don't succeed a second time, the goal won't be the only thing I will lose...)

Liking someone hurts. Especially on someone whom you can't reach using any contact method. I needed to find some time to figure things out. Perhaps I'm working too hard. So I headed north. Way up north.

I reappear at Redding. That was my next trip. Three days and a few hundred pictures later, I managed to get through a few additional goals, and to change a few. I realized that I have concentrated too hard and overlooked a few things. Perhaps, I should give myself another chance.

Both the Sundial Bridge and the Shasta Dam are both recommended to see as they're both free. Turtle Bay, however, requires a bit of money, but it's well worth it.