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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Serious Gaming Pt 2: Torchlight

Reach Level 99 on Torchlight. (Goal Completed, but level 100 was the highest level.)

I think there was a Serious Gaming pt 1 (Bejeweled Blitz) but I'm covering the other games as well with the second Goal List focusing more on game achievements.

Part 2: Torchlight. It's a lot similar to FATE and the Diablo series, and I noted a couple of things while playing the game to get here:

  • I tried out Alchemist later: Ember Lance: a lot of people say it's rigged given the fact that it kills a lot in one shot. I tried this class to test it out. Yes, it's powerful, but doesn't have as much power as any melee attack, etc. and it sucks a lot of mana. On the last boss on Hard Mode, you can't even hold your ground.
  • Vanquisher: Didn't try yet. Will test some time in the future.
  • Destroyer: Tried first. Learned that the last ability "Devastate" was probably one of the most powerful abilites that I've ever used.
    • During my playthrough I also leveled Dual Wield, Martial Weapons, Block and Parry, Frost Shield, Adventurer, Defensive Spell Mastery, and Armor Expertise to max level, with Haste, and Heal being used as side abilities. Towards level 99 my damage went into the five digit range. The Slash attack was developed first because it could hit multiple enemies with both weapons, then dual wield, then criticals, before focusing on the weapon/armor bonuses.
    • Devastate looks overpowered because it doesn't really use up a lot of energy if done correctly. And it does damage based on weapons equipped.
    • Enhancer is scaled based on level, can be used to level up even low level equipment to a reasonable level for the next playthrough (eg. 600+ dps for a no requirement weapon). Very helpful to get through the game even faster.
    • Fame was capped at level 55.
    • Grabbed the Identify spell early in order to avoid the continuous use of identify scrolls.
    • All sidequests in the main storyline were completed.
    • Many Map Portals were used to level up the character, with the realization that killing champion units can raise the XP bar by as much as 29 percent, and can be defeated in a short amount of time (power leveling). The rest of the leveling was done in the Shadow Vault (bonus dungeon).
    • Level 100 occured within 15 hours game time.
  • Unrelated, but the Torchlight Help Manual's metadata says "FATE User Guide" in the document title.