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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jackpot Runner, Round 1

15. Reach 400 total friends on any site that counts friends. (Goal Aborted; couldn't add friends fast enough and was unable to catch up with the number of friends that she had. tsk tsk)
#77. Visit at least 30 major malls in California. (5/30 - Mt. Shasta Mall)
33. Win at least 2,000 tickets in one session. (Round 1 over, with a score of 500 tickets)

Yes, there are rules even to my goal list that I didn't even know about. Even I can't keep myself well informed. (I do know that I still have one more chance to pass the latter goal, however.)

Round 1. Apparently with a huge load of tokens, Chuck E Cheese's wasn't worth enough. Nearly all of the tokens for this place was used, scoring less than 500 tickets. Of course, I'm not the only one shooting for that goal. Another group of people are pursuing this exact same goal (and 'failing' at that task as well).

Short review: Jackpots are not worth as much as others (the most you can get is 100, and you can call that a 'bonus'. There is a 500tix one available, but you need at least 12 tokens to do this). In addition: the food service is less than satisfactory. No one occupies the entrance, preventing us from entering for some time, food takes much longer than usual due to an error, despite the fact that it's not busy, prizes are waaay overpriced that you'll be bound to rely more on the cash to ticket conversion system than winning it. And the prizes are rather sucky too.

In the end I came out with two bottles of playdoh and one lamb koosh ball, which came too late; no one's interested in that anymore, and it wasn't a plushie either. It not the same. Oh well.