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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goal 33 Prep

#33. Win at least 2,000 tickets in one session. (Preparing)

After doing some cleaning, I manage to find some tokens for use in arcades, etc. such as Boomers. Used to go to them years ago for some fun and birthday parties, but now in these times, it's serious business, especially when prizes these days are starting to become hi-valued, such as an X-Box sitting in the list of prizes to grab for a mere 15,000 tickets, or a Wii on the list of 'Big Prizes' on the Stacker arcade game.

It’s not just a few tokens... it’s more like a lot. At least $50 worth of tokens to be exact. And more than half of them are useless because the arcade itself that accepted those tokens closed down, and there are no more of them in existence. Also, those tokens don't have any cash value, so tokens can't be traded for anything. (It doesn't apply to tickets, though, since they buy prizes, and they apparently have cash value at Chuck E Cheese, where you can buy in 100 tickets per dollar.)

Also, I gotta use those coins up, because in these times, entertainment places such as John’s are switching to cards, making those coins useless. The only exception to that rule are those games that still require coins to operate, but it still limits choices.

I’m ready to start this goal.