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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fantasy Wedding

Source: Ray Vaughn Photography

What’s more of a fantasy than a wedding with Disney theme songs in a forest setting with a minister who talks similar to how it would be in a comedy movie? This one. It’s real.

Taking place in a forest in California, this wedding was one of the most unusual that I’ve videotaped… a large forest instead of the urban setting of churches and buildings. I face all new challenges in this place.

It goes to show that you’ve got to adapt to various conditions, various delays, etc. But in this place, it took this to the extremes. Really rough terrain forces everyone to wear tennis shoes instead of more formal ones. The entire event takes place outdoors. Because it went way into the night, only torches and few lights from buildings were able to illuminate the dark forest. Even the road to get to this location was winding and took driving skills to the extreme.

Now that I’ve learned how to master this setting, it makes those traditional weddings seem… more easier…