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Monday, June 7, 2010

Encountered Before

#139E. Encounter "eejayy". (Goal Completed)

EDIT: Skipped verification because I do not find a second physical encounter occurring anytime soon.

Found a picture for proof, and another goal completed.

But that picture was taken 16 months ago, February, last year, during the parade (This is Key Club from the HS I previously went to). Wait, how is that possible?

How come I didn’t notice that before? ‘Cause I wasn’t paying attention, probably.

You take pictures, and you usually don't have time to notice some people in the event until it's over and you look at your pictures afterward. But fast forward. You make new friendships, head to college, and then when you look back at your old pictures, it’s the “Hey, I know this person!” look, as you recognize people you previously haven’t noticed before.

It has occurred many times to me; Some people on FB added me as friends because they knew me; they said we were both in the same class back in elementary school, but I failed to notice that. And I looked back. Indeed we were.

I've got some time to burn so I'll try to look a bit more... see what I've missed back in the days, and to find more answers.

(To not single anyone, I recognized four other people that I didn't initially catch the first time around a year ago.)