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Saturday, May 1, 2010

STC and Davis

#109: Attend a trip with at least two others outside of a 50 mile radius from hometown. (Almost!)
134E: Successfully win an icebreaker event. (Goal Completed)

The first goal: The destination, Davis, clocks at 45.5 miles, even though it's at least 59 when driving only by road. The latter goal was completed when the game ended due to the time limit resulting in five people, including me, winning.

So, STC. Spring Training Conference. My second day as a Fundraiser Chair. All chair members and those in office positions are to attend this yearly event (or semi-yearly, since there's a Fall Training Conference as well). This destination is located in the central part of UC Davis.

Apparently it's a large place, all right. The GPS directions went through roads they were blocked off that previously weren't before, and new construction going on. Davis sure has changed in three years. For that reason we had to stop for actual directions to the location. Of course we did make it on time without the breakfast ceremony.

On to the event in general. Two words: Fun and interesting. Meeting new people, etc. As well as interesting workshops. Icebreakers were rather interesting and unique. Of course some events and presentations seemed to drag (at least in my workshops, where ideas to fundraise came up rather dry, and just went with general concepts instead). Overall, fun.

As the last few events ended, we ended up leaving a bit earlier than expected. And then I return home. I hope they still know who I am...