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Monday, May 24, 2010

On SC2

#29: Play Starcraft II. (Goal Completed)

EDIT: Patched up and working.

Unfortunately I don't have much to say as the game crashed and my computer ended up with a BSOD just minutes after playing the game. But the graphics are impressive and it still counts as a goal.

But that ruins the entire purpose of buying the game. So I patched up and it worked again. But before starting any real matches with human opponents, I played through a few games with comp settings to get the hang of the game. There's a lot of new stuff I noticed here.

  • The computer is significantly improved. Yes, I can't just plow right in, as they are also capable of microing to the same extent as a regular human player.
  • Game is smooth and stuff, and still runs perfectly at 60fps
  • Some hotkeys need getting used to especially when putting in social features into it.

So in conclusion, I find that I cannot beat any skirmish game involving any computer opponent, including the easy ones. You can probably conclude what that will probably say of me in the actual multiplayer games.