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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five Down

#130E: Eat at least five pieces of sushi in a sitting. (Goal Completed)

Sushi: Something that I have usually hated due to its composition and the occasional spiciness that occurs in it. Maybe because I saw that in one of the minigames in Pokémon Stadium. Doesn't matter too much now. But over here, it does. Just about everyone I know is eating this. So what's so good about this?

I (as well as a few other friends from my club) went over to Sushi Buffet during it's grand opening. Price is relatively cheap (less than $10 for a buffet, for lunch), and it allowed me to meet the other board members and complete one of my 'hard' goals.

To complete, I took six of these rolls. (And one Phoenix Roll) This doesn't compare to the amount that they were eating, as I went for the other food items in the buffet.

But all in all, it was good, as I manage to make it to five. Of course, that might be easier the next time around now that I've gotten a taste of it. And I've realized that I've hit three goals in two days, which concludes they're starting to get too easy. If it's too easy or if you do goals too fast, you're not done yet, and you're assigned another one to slow you down. Here's a rather difficult one:

#130a: Survive Eat any friend's sushi dish that they have made.

(I think I'm spending way too much time making status reports and goals like this one, especially if this slips through & no one seems to notice. Thankfully these posts are rather ridiculous and I don't wish to see how bad my posts become, despite the fact that the post is clearly out there (at least for some) and has the nice effect of keeping me away from FB for awhile.)