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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Additional Pyawts

Or maybe not.

As a good note, before doing any references (or parodies, or whatnot), it's a good idea you do the research to see if the pun (or something like that) actually works. There was this one phrase that I was going to put up on the goal related to Starcraft 2 when I play it (after my finals are over), but the resulting answer kinda broke it. Good thing I checked.

Question: How do you correctly pronounce 'pyawts' as seen on your tumblr?
Erika: pyawts? haha, it sounds the way it's spelled. Pee-Yots? I dunno. lol

(Increments "Answer Mentions" counter)

It sounded a lot like 'Pylons'. So much for "You must construct additional Pyawts." lol. See vid.