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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As a Fundraising Chair

#119E: Be successfully promoted to one of the officer or chair positions in a club. (Goal Completed)

In a time where a club is on the verge of breaking apart, leadership is required to bring it back up. This is one of those times. I've considered dropping one (nonessential) class in order to take this position. A sense of duty, I suppose. Hopefully I've made the right decision.

Summed Up:

  • Successfully managed to take up the position of Fundraising Chair for UOP Circle K.
  • Brittany may get +rep as a result of this success, providing the request wasn't turned down. Since my experience as an assistant mentor on working with her on her senior project has helped me with my communication and speech skills in order get this position, the experience was somewhat of a benefit.
  • Additionally adds FB friends and new connections which is helpful to reaching the 400 friends goal.
  • New exploration options available and more contacts since I will be more involved in the club.

With a great position comes great responsibility. Because of this, this means I've gotta change my habits slightly. One, gotta optimize workflow, check FB less often, etc. As well as get that second goal list up and running.