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Saturday, April 17, 2010

As a Assistant Mentor, Conclusion

#119E: Be successfully promoted to one of the officer or chair positions in a club. (Goal Completed, please wait for confirmation)

Working as an Assistant Mentor, even though my job was to mentor others, I have even learned stuff by being in this position, and by mentoring someone for the first time. Here’s what I learned:

  • Don’t value them personally; it’s purely business. Even those in your hs are no exception to that rule.
  • Unless required, don’t regularly report on them.
  • Don’t attempt to befriend them or go any further than a client status; you aren’t going to get very far. (If they’re asking for more of your services, however, feel free to bump ‘em up. Keep em in as long as possible.)
  • Every person is just another person. Don’t value a particular person too much, but don't put any effort to the point you don't care about them; remember, you're supposed to satisfy your client.

Yep, learned the hard way; I screwed up this one time. Working as an assistant mentor for the first time, the idea of friendship got into me, and I got waaay too close on the friendship side by attempting to add her too quickly. Apparently it didn’t work out. But hey, lesson learned, and I'll apply that on my next job.

Now, all I gotta do now is turn in that form and I'll be able to confirm my position.