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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As a Fundraising Chair

#119E: Be successfully promoted to one of the officer or chair positions in a club. (Goal Completed)

In a time where a club is on the verge of breaking apart, leadership is required to bring it back up. This is one of those times. I've considered dropping one (nonessential) class in order to take this position. A sense of duty, I suppose. Hopefully I've made the right decision.

Summed Up:

  • Successfully managed to take up the position of Fundraising Chair for UOP Circle K.
  • Brittany may get +rep as a result of this success, providing the request wasn't turned down. Since my experience as an assistant mentor on working with her on her senior project has helped me with my communication and speech skills in order get this position, the experience was somewhat of a benefit.
  • Additionally adds FB friends and new connections which is helpful to reaching the 400 friends goal.
  • New exploration options available and more contacts since I will be more involved in the club.

With a great position comes great responsibility. Because of this, this means I've gotta change my habits slightly. One, gotta optimize workflow, check FB less often, etc. As well as get that second goal list up and running.

Monday, April 26, 2010

One Day at the Asparagus Festival

On Saturday, at the Asparagus Festival, I was doing more volunteer work as well as helping Webfotoz with their printing. It gave me a taste of what I'd probably be doing in the later years of my life, especially when I'm helping out more with the business.

Yes, at the festival, there were the usual events going on, etc., such as Yan Can Cook, demonstrations, the dog shows (such as how high they can jump), music, various vendors, and not including the two floating chicken balloons (which was part of a campaign called "Say No to Plumping"). That's all before I started my volunteer work in two of the booths.

Continuing on with the large crowd with all the food vendors and stuff. Unfortunately I didn't get all the items that I wanted due to my schedule, which gave me little time to explore before my shift started. The view's nice by the way.

So... my first job. Working at a booth called Paddle Boats composed of several photographers and people manning the booth (not including the senior).

Which part? Processing and printing out the pictures. Even with some experience from my last assignment a few weeks ago, there were still more concepts to be learned. This lesson included knowing where all the pictures went, etc. I managed to refine the workspace one step further by adding an indicator to see if pictures still need to be added in, without checking the import picture dialog box constantly, allowing me to focus more on the pictures at hand.

An hour later, I entered my actual shift for volunteer hours towards my club. In this section, I took the position as a cashier serving deep fried asparagus to the thousands of people wanting this famous dish. Now I get to see what it feels like to be the cashier; in the years past I was the one ordering. Sometimes it took a long time for the food to be served to me; now I know why.

Apparently people got really tired in there by holding up a hand (indicating how many deep fried orders to bring to the front) that a customer commented that 'your hand might fall off'. True. Another customer called it a 'sweatshop' and even more took pictures of what was going on inside. It was tiring, but thankfully I came up with a few 'strategies' and techniques to serve customers faster; if they each had one order, serve 'em two at a time.

Of course by working I got free dinner and such, but I did miss out on plenty of shows. Including the air show, which this was the first year it was introduced.

All in all, it was a tiring day. I'm actually thankful I'm working volunteering for only one day; many others have one more full day to go.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Room Sketchup (Part 1)

#43: Design my room / dorm room using Sketchup. (Goal Completed, expect refinements)

Self explanatory. Enough for a minimum completion, but still need to add the finer details.

Note: My roommate left during the development of this model, before I managed to sketch out props on his side of the room, leaving his side rather... empty. Not to worry, I won't be going into that much detail because it increases render time. But I will be adding textures in the next revision.

Note 2: The goal was originally called "Extreme Dorm Makeover" as the model was used to help plan out the layout of furniture in the room, but ehh... it's a bit plain.

Current face count: ~30,000

Saturday, April 17, 2010

As a Assistant Mentor, Conclusion

#119E: Be successfully promoted to one of the officer or chair positions in a club. (Goal Completed, please wait for confirmation)

Working as an Assistant Mentor, even though my job was to mentor others, I have even learned stuff by being in this position, and by mentoring someone for the first time. Here’s what I learned:

  • Don’t value them personally; it’s purely business. Even those in your hs are no exception to that rule.
  • Unless required, don’t regularly report on them.
  • Don’t attempt to befriend them or go any further than a client status; you aren’t going to get very far. (If they’re asking for more of your services, however, feel free to bump ‘em up. Keep em in as long as possible.)
  • Every person is just another person. Don’t value a particular person too much, but don't put any effort to the point you don't care about them; remember, you're supposed to satisfy your client.

Yep, learned the hard way; I screwed up this one time. Working as an assistant mentor for the first time, the idea of friendship got into me, and I got waaay too close on the friendship side by attempting to add her too quickly. Apparently it didn’t work out. But hey, lesson learned, and I'll apply that on my next job.

Now, all I gotta do now is turn in that form and I'll be able to confirm my position.