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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazer Taggeded

Yep, Laser Tag at Zap Zone, which has been mentioned in a newspaper. After a failed attempt on Friday, it managed to succeed the next day.

Using the callsign B-Dog (at high school, known by this nickname by a group of friends), I step into the arena, it's much different than what was explained in the briefing room. (Probably because the video wasn't working)

As I state it, it's the most intense pair of 6 minute laser tag games that I have ever played, and plays much like a real FPS; you shoot people (but there is a small spot in which to shoot) and you have a limited amount of bullets and health, and you can reload at base. Superior compared to the Boomers one in Modesto. And there's a lot more variations. Oh, and there's two stories to this as well.

Anyways, there are guidelines, but in the end, they don't really matter. No physical contact with each other? Doesn't matter when you are being 'rammed' because they can't see you. No running? You gotta run in order to get to their base faster and score more points.

There were several tricks that I was unaware of when I started the game, which caused me to get low scores. However I did manage to pick up on the second game, where I got the highest team score in both rounds. How did that happen? Bad players? Probably not. Strategy? Maybe, as I learned that targeting the bases are worth a lot more points than targeting players. To impress? Probably for the encouragement. I wanted to try to impress Angelle with my skills by getting at least 15k in both rounds, but it turns out that I did way better than that.

In the end: Fun, very intense, and gives you a real workout. The price is moderate, but definitely worth your money. And yes, they open just after school ends for you, and runs till midnight.