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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Facebook Bejeweled Blitz Revised Again

The game was released a second time, with the addition of bonuses you can use for three games in a row. It's true that you can achieve even higher scores than before, which they have new medals for. Combine a few powerups and you can get a lot of points especially in the last few seconds.

2 powerups used + 4 lightning gems + 1 flame gem + combo = high score.

Some things that I've also noticed that aren't mentioned; they last for three games after you buy them, including those games when you quit out early. So if you buy them, don't screw up! Also, they're worth 6,000 points at the end of the game (and 3,000 for one used shuffle) for any unused powerup. And if you're going for coins, play through each game; you collect all the coins on the board at the end and 1 more for each 50k scored multiplier level (eg if your score multiplier was 6x at the end you will get 6 coins).

In my opinion, this version is a lot better than the previous one. As a tip: When you buy powerups, try going for the Shuffle Powerup first, then the timer, and then the mystery gem (makes it easier to match two hypercubes). Don't go for the multiplier gem; it's a bit overpriced and you may not be able to match it early in the game. (However, if you do match it early, you can score a bit faster in the game.)